Coronavirus In Punjab- Suspected Patient Runs Away From Hospital


Coronavirus In Punjab: As we we here in the UK and around the world seek medical assistance for Coronavirus one Punjabi man did not want help. The unnamed individual did not like the idea of isolation and decided to run away! We are a different breed lol.

The man ran away from Moga Hospital in Punjab. He had arrived from Dubai on Tuesday and after fearing that he had coronavirus, the man visited the hospital as a precautionary measure. Once he had given his sample he was told he had all the symptoms and that he would be put into isolation. Once in isolation, the gentleman decided to make runaway for reasons only known to him.

The man complained of having a cough and visited the hospital for precautionary measures. The man panicked after being in an isolation ward of the hospital. The Health Supervisor of Moga educated the family of the man and in the importance of not coming in contact with the person.

Check out the news report here: Coronavirus In Punjab

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