Damanpreet Kaur Gets permission To Stay After Being Caught Up In Visa Scam


New Zealand: A government minister has given a twice-scammed migrant a second chance. Damanpreet Kaur was the victim of two groups of immigration scammers and faced deportation but has earned a reprieve from Associate Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi after Stuff investigated her case. The story is via ww.stuff.co.nz, read the detailed report here

Stuff’s four-part investigation, The Big Scam, uncovered a network of questionable visa schemes which charged desperate migrants huge sums.

Kaur alleged she paid a group of Punjabi Indians in Tauranga to secure her a work visa for a job that didn’t exist.

Businessman Jagadjeet Singh admitted taking $4500 from Kaur but said it was a loan that he repaid, not a charge for what Kaur said was a fake job.

Kaur secured a work visa as an IT helpdesk operative for an internet cafe owned by Jagadjeet in Merivale – but discovered the net cafe was a handful of old PCs at the back of a barber shop and there was no work for her.

She also provided tape recordings of conversations with a man she claimed was Myles Watene, a director of Hamilton company Whairepo Developments, in which she said she was paying for a job. She secured a new work visa to work for Whairepo, but said that too was a fake job and she never worked for the company

Image from Stuff.co.nz

Kaur said she was “always scared” of being sent home but now “thanks God” and Stuff for the opportunity to stay in New Zealand. Check out the videos here regarding the case.



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