Darbara Singh The Jalandhar Serial Killer? Set To Become A Movie


Well, this might be interesting and very brave. Rumours are circulating within industry circles that a film/ series is set to be made about Darbara Singh. Who? Darbara Singh is Punjab and one of Indias biggest child serial killers. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Bollywood are all interested it seems.

The files have been requested and authors of books and reporters who were present at the trial have all been asked to share content and stories. Who is behind this? When is it releasing, hopefully, this will all become more apparent as the year goes on.  Want to know more about Darbara Singh – The Jalandhar Serial Killer read below:

Darbara Singh – The Jalandhar Serial Killer

Darbara Singh was a Punjab based serial killer. During April–October 2004, 23 children of non-Punjabi migrants were kidnapped in the city of Jalandhar in Punjab, India. Many of these children were sexually assaulted, and 17 of them were killed.

In October 2004, the police apprehended Darbara Singh, who had earlier been jailed for nearly a decade in another case involving sexual assault and attempted murder on a child. Singh allegedly confessed that he was behind all these abductions, sexual assaults and murders in 2004.

Singh lured his victims with sweets, samosas, sugarcane juice, and biscuits. He took them to a secluded place, where he would then attack the victim. In most of the cases, he slit their throat and attempted to rape their dead bodies. After his arrest, he said that he raped the dead bodies so that “there would be no shrieks of victims”.

His preferred time of kidnapping the children was between 10 am and 12.30 pm, when most of the migrant labourers were away in factories.

After his arrest, he said that he was not drunk at the time of committing crimes, but afterwards, “celebrated almost each of the killings with liquor and good food”.

He was convicted for two of the murders, and sentenced to life in prison. He was also convicted for two more murders; in this case, he had led the police to dead bodies after his arrest. Darbara was given a death sentence in this case but was later acquitted by the High Court because of insufficient evidence. He was also acquitted in four more cases because of insufficient evidence. Singh died in 2018, while serving a life sentence, with some of the cases still pending for trial.

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