Daru Harpreet Dhillon ft. Jassi Kaur – Latest Punjabi Songs 2020


Sometimes you just want a good desi banger to listen too. No gangster pomp, no worn-out love story just something fun and desi. Daru by Harpreet Dhillon and Jassi Kaur ticks all those feel-good desi boxes. A duet that is just a great fun desi track.

Daru wastes no time with a big video intro, instead, it just goes straight in with some solid desi duet lines. Laddi Gill has provided the music to Daru and he has dropped a solid desi instrumental for the singers to ride. No over complicated musical interludes means the song is all about the back and fourth from both singers. Cheema Joban has provided the lyrics and he has pulled off a first for 2020, no English words are featured throughout the song (camera we are counting as Punjabi lol).

Harpreet Dhillon and Jassi Kaur work extremely well together. A really good fun element and vocally both in sync. No one singer outshines the other. All in all a solid desi duet. So if you enjoy a good desi track with a fun element then this is for you. For duet fans, we have added this to our 2020 Duet playlist which is below.

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