DAS Desi – WOW! A Geniune Desi Banger! The Whole Album


So we have been talking with DAS Music for a couple of weeks, and we enjoyed what we heard, we asked ourselves if the whole album ‘Danger Zone’ could be as good as the promos, and you know what? DAS Desi delivered, Danger Zone is FIRE!!!!!!

Who the F**k are DAS Music?

We’re from Birmingham 👍… always loved bhangra etc… we used to produce/remix as a passion and hobby back in the day but decided now to create a space for our old tracks and anything new we work on.

How many of you guys?

There’s DangerDhami , G.U.V, and another two guys who yet to come up with a name lol, that is how eager we were to get this out!

So is this an collective album? From you 3 and the 2 that shall remain nameless ?

We work mainly independently on projects .. so this album is all Danger Dhami’s input

We will catch up with the guys soon, but for now, you have to check out this album and here it is in full
(The drop down is in the top left, choose any of the 11 to listen to, all are impressive)



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