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Dav Singh Sanu Nasha: I’m different, I have a fresh style, I’m new, I’m young, does all this is sound familiar? Those are the all too regular buzz phrases spat out by new singers when they hit the scene. VIP Records told us the same things when we were discussing UK talent.  The difference being, this time their words rang true – Say hello to Dav Singh – a truly unique UK talent.

This week sees two new UK vocalists release songs and they are worlds apart when it comes to styles. Yet when it comes to talent, they both stand tall. Romy Bakshi is set to release his debut Punjabi folk song on Thursday 21st. Which is also the same day as Dav Singh releases his debut single Sanu Nasha via VIP Records.

The song Sanu Nasha premiered on the Dipps Bhamra show on Sunday. The first listen left lots of music fans excited and wanting more. The song can be heard 43 mins into the show if you are clicking on the red link. The first thing that got music fans excited was based around the production. It is from Tru-Skool and secondly, even the Derby-based producer had stated that this was different from his normal productions.

So who is Dav Singh? 

When we think of Punjabi music hotbeds across the UK the name Bedford does not jump out at you, but Dav Singh is hoping that he can change that thought process. A music fan at heart Dav Singh grew up listening to live Bhangra bands such as DCS and Malkit Singh. They were the two dominating bands at the time and who wasn’t enticed by them. Once Dav Singh was into music his journey started into the more soulful and classical aspects of the music scene.

My influences shifted as I started listening to the likes of Sardool Sikander, Hans Raj Hans and Master Saleem. I also started listening to more Ghazal, Sufi and Hindi music. This exposed me to a completely different sound that has helped me to develop as a musician.

Dav Singh was on a journey and it was quite a different route than what other UK Punjabi singers had followed.  So when asked about influences he explained that it was more classical and soulful singers that had got him to be who he is: My style is very much influenced by the music I have grown up listening to. I’m a huge fan of Sardool Sikander and his catalogue of music and melody inspires me still today. As an industry, we’re so lucky to have such a rich syllabus of music and felt it was important to be creative & versatile.

A breath of fresh air for so many. Dav Singh has managed to not just be influenced by the soulful greats of Punjabi music but has also grasped the ability to deliver vocally with passion and bliss. This soulful side of Punjabi music and Indian music is huge in India and forms very much a part of the mainstream. Is this the where Dav sees himself in years to come?  India would be a massive goal both personally and commercially. There’s a huge market there and given the opportunity I’d love to showcase more of my abilities.

So for someone who is so touched by the calmer side of music, why did Tru-Skool appeal to you as a producer. Tru-Skool has a raw edgy folk sound that is very different from what you do? So why the appeal? I had been following Sukh for a while and I had listened to his previous albums. Despite his rich authentic FOLK sound our journeys are very much aligned and built over a foundation of Indian classical music. I regard Sukh as one of the most creative minds of our time and his skill and technique are second to none!

So as we say goodbye and let Dav carry on with his busy week, what can we expect from you in the next few months?  The goal has always been to create good music that people enjoy. The next 12 months will see more Music, Travel & LIVE shows.

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