Daytimer Culture & The New Breed Part 2


What was the thirst among so many to go to daytimers? Music & Musicians

How else was a boy/girl ever going to see B21/Jazzy B/ Safri (the list is endless) live?

You rushed out & purchased the cassette, you sat for hours reading the inlay these artists were inspirational to a generation of budding artists.

The daytimer had evolved as well, more college kids going than ever before & more smaller events, but it was the larger more popular events that attracted the big numbers & big acts.

Like we said it was all about the music for so many of us, & being in a club environment made it something you wanted to be a part off. Watching friends & family members absolutely loving the gigs wanted you to also become a part of the scene.

The bands of the early 80’s inspired a generation of musicians & a part of that new generation of musicians made was the daytimer. Bhangra music had become expression & and the daytimer was a part of the whole package.

Kids wanting to get into music were inspired by the whole scene gigs that elders told you about, the Flyers were glimpses into a night time scene that seemed miles apart. The one thing you could relate to was your peers, college and school mates who went to daytimers.

Being in a club seeing people loving music, responding to artists as if they were demigods, bright lights, flashing lights & the quality of music, how could you not be inspired! From 93-2005 most musicians that hit the scene had been to daytimers, the innovation in music was due to hearing new sounds whilst young at a club venue.

Artists loved daytimers, they were in & out by 5pm & back home to get ready for weddings at the weekend, suddenly they were on the road 3/4 days out of 7!

Daytimers did inspire a new generation of musicians & when they eventually ended what was left, Weddings again & the regurgitation of the “same” sound of Punjabi music of the last few years in the UK is simply down to demise of gigs, innovation was dying & the daytimer ending played its part.

Daytimers were not what they were made out to be for some & the publicity was not always the best… check out part 3 here “Daytimers, The Demise & Darkside”


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