Daytimers, The Demise & Darkside – Part 3


The daytimer for many was escapism but the reason they stopped was because they had started to attract people who were at the events for more than just music.

The school bully, who was a hard man in his playground all of sudden went to daytimers & was faced by bigger & more streetwise kids, it was many of these who then started to spread misinformation about what everyone was doing at the gigs making them sound like they were some kind of mass orgy.

Skipping school should not be condoned at all & stricter rules are now in place to stop that happening. Alcohol was not available at almost all of the daytimers, it became an issue when others started to bring it in, along with other drugs.

As the phenomenon of the daytimer grew so did the numbers of trouble makers adding, what used to be the home to kids enjoying music all of a sudden was becoming a place to drink underage & girls started to become attracted to elder men who would turn up with nice shiny cars to impress them.

Shere Punjab was Birmingham based collective who saw the change in what was happening, these events were no longer just attended by Punjabi’s & over 18’s were also attending! The daytimer was becoming more hassle than it was worth!

Kids turning up with spirits, guys with new cars prying on younger girls & then blackmailing them if they knew they should not have been there.

Shere Punjab credit themselves for stopping the daytimer & in part they were right, clubs themselves did not want to be associated with the hassle that day timers now brought!

Pakistani Punjabi’s & Sikhs fighting at daytimers became a real issue & Shere Punjab stepped in & highlighted the issue.

The daytimer died, because like everything else in life, the minority of troublemakers that attended ruined them for all.

Eventually when they did stop, they were simply awful events. Artists of any note had stopped performing at them, no longer was it just under 18’s.

Something that had inspired so many, got abused & we lost it forever!

Glad we saw the good days, glad it stopped when it did!

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