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Jass Records on 1st February 2019 released the Gurnam Bhullar album Dead End. Daleri was the first release from the album. Almost three weeks after it’s official release audio from the other songs has now been released across all streaming platforms. Music for the album is by Laddi Gill. Lyrics are penned by Gill Raunta.

So is the album format making a comeback? Gurnam Bhullar certainly hopes so. Dead End is his 9 track studio album that is produced by Laddi Gill. If you are a fan of Gurnam Bhullar you should be all over this. His unique singing style and delivery are here in abundance.

Dead End does not flow like an album and you have to question if it was planned as a studio album or just a collection of songs he had waiting to be released. As a concept album, this does not tick all the boxes. We just do not feel it is the personal connection between an artist and a musical journey. We may be wrong, but that is solely our opinion.

The stand out songs for us on the album are;

Parnote –  A silky love song that is produced well and really sells you the mood of the song. The musical journey in the song is quite enjoyable and quite different to the songs beforehand on the album.

Daleri – More a hype tune, but really does work. Gurnam Bhullar is in his lane here;

Rond – Is a nice curveball to the rest of the songs on the album. So if you want that something different then this is it.

Khilare – This does sound similar to other songs on the album, but is the strongest of them.

► Check out Dead End by Gurnam Bhullar here in full via YouTube : 

Song Name :
1 — Dead End : 00:01
2 — Kaum Te Kalank : 02:52
3 — Parnote : 06:44
4 — Daleri : 10:33
5 — Peg Vi Yaaran Naa : 13:17
6 — Rond : 16:20
7 — Khilare : 19:05
8 — Challa : 22:18
9 — Bai Ji : 26:24

To check out the album in full on other platforms just click your preferred streaming service: SPOTIFY, Apple Music

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