Dec 17 – May 29th 2018 – The Top 10 Duet Releases Chart


If you are Punjabi and you know it, then you love a god damn Punjabi duet!  2018 has not disappointed, we have been busy collating data across various sites and running algorithms to ensure we are bang on the ball with this the Dec 2017 – 2018 Duet top 10. The reason we have done it from December is simply, that is when we started to access all the data.

So this is the 6 month chart, and on Dec 1st you will get the yearly chart from Dec 2017- 2018. Only Punjabi songs released in this period are counted in these charts.

We have included all the following into the model we have used:

Number of Audio streams
Number of Downloads (legal)
Youtube Views (Inc 3rd part claims)
Shaazm Chart data

Combining all that data here is out Top 10 Duet tracks from Dec. 2017 – May 29th 2018

Number 10 : Chocolaty – Lofty Feat Gurlez Akhtar (Feb 2018)

Number 9: Pitbull- Sat Dhillon & Deepak Dhillion (March 2018)

Number 8: Punjab Police – Arsh Aujla & Deepak Dhillion (Jan 2018)

Number 7: Baari – Elly Managat & Gurlez Akhtar (April 2018)

Number 6: Baari – Karma Topper & Gurlez Akhtar (April 2018)

Number 5: Jatt v Jatti – Balkar Sidhu & Jasmeen Akhtar (Jan 2018)

Number 4: Gatte Gurh De  – Jaskaran Grewal & Gurlej Akhtar (Jan 2018)

Number 3: Mundri  – Veet Baljit & Deepak Dhillon (March 2018)

Number 2: Scratch  – Gursewak Dhillion & Gurlez Akhtar (Jan 2018)

Number 1: Flying Kiss – Jatinder Dhiman & Deepak Dhillion





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