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Deep Jandu Down To Earth: As 2019 comes to an end the Punjabi music industry will see the release of two very different albums. The first of which has now been released by Deep Jandu. Down to Earth is the nine-track album that his music fans have eagerly been waiting for. Deep Jandu’s Down To Earth has been released by Geet MP3 and GK Digital. Check out the review of the album here:

Full Album Down To Earth:

1. Dress Match, Singers – Deep Jandu, Gurlez Akhtar (Lyrics Lally Mundi). (Deep Jandu Down To Earth)

It had to be Gurlez Akhtar and Deep Jandu to kick off the album Down To Earth. A song that has a real summer feel to it. If you like that head-nodding trap feel then this will not disappoint. The success of a duet totally rests on the interaction of the singers involved. Gurlez and Deep deliver that interaction impressively.

2. Bombay To Punjab Singer – Deep Jandu,  Rapper DIVINE (lyrics Karan Aujla).

The wordplay from Karan Aujla is damn impressive here. The loop is very recognisable and reels you in straight away. DIVINE as a rapper offers something very different to the song. The production is reminiscent of other popular Punjabi/Hip Hop songs and lures you into the song. What that then does is keep you interested in the rest of the song.

3. Sala Pyaar, Singer – Deep Jandu, Pav Dharia (Lyrics Lally Mundi).

This is a clever change of the pace on the album, we have gone from chilled out Punjabi duet to a laid back rap song. Then Sala Pyaar featuring Pav Dharia brings an attacking loop driven song that has a feel-good factor to it. Pav Dharia delivers impressively and really adds a touch of innovation to this song and to the first three songs.

4. Jordan , Singer – Deep Jandu, Rapper Roach Killa (Lyrics Jass Manak).

Lyrics by Jass Manak, as soon as you read that, well then you know you are onto a winner. Especially with the youth of Punjab. Jass Manak has managed to impress almost everyone with his lyrics recently. Deep Jandu sits on a wavy instrumental and rides the beat with his impressive vocal ability. Again a real hip hop feel to the production.

5. Mayajaal , Singer – Deep Jandu, Rapper Bohemia (Lyrics Lally Mundi).

Mayajaal is a bit of a curveball, its what every album needs, a showcase of skills. Deep Jandu and Bohemia are not new to working with each other. The chemistry between the two is noticeable almost straight away. This is one for hardcore fans of Bohemia and Deep Jandu.

6. Sab Theek Ae , Singer – Deep Jandu, Rapper Raj Kumari, SHV G (Lyrics Lally Mundi).

For Hip Hop R’n’B fans this will lure you in straight from the get-go. The Fugees throwback hook line will either have you buying into the song or skipping. If you decide to listen for the duration then Raj Kumari on the rap front is the star of the show here. Deep takes a backseat pretty much as the other two make Sab Theek Ae their own.

7. Real Ustaad , Singer – Deep Jandu, Miss Pooja (Lyrics Karan Aujla).

This is the most Punjabi song on the album. A desi flow, use of more desi instruments and Miss Pooja on the vocals. If you were looking for strong Punjabi songs on the album, then this is possibly the strongest of those types of songs on the whole album. An impressive duet. Or maybe we were just after a Punjabi song at this point.

8. My Name , Singer – Deep Jandu, Karan Aujla, Rapper Gangis Khan (Lyrics Karan Aujla).

My Name reunites Deep Jandu with Rapper Gangis Khan and Karan Aujla. A laid back hip hop feel is once again the dominant feature of the song. Lyrically Karan Aujla has his stamp all over this song. This song though featuring some heavyweights does feel a bit samey. In isolation it is a good song, as a part of the latter part of the Down To Earth album, we are not sure.

9. Game, Singer – Deep Jandu, Rapper Sultaan, (Lyrics Lally Mundi). (Deep Jandu Down To Earth)

It is only fitting the album that has a real hip hop trap flavour finishes with Deep Jandu and rapper Sultaan. The wordplay from Deep is impressive. Sultaan flows in and out then rides the instrumental with his very distinctive attacking style. If it is Punjabi rap you are after this then brings the album to an end in an impressive laid back attacking style.

As we mentioned Down To Earth’ is the first of two albums hitting the Punjabi scene before Christmas. The other one is by Panjabi MC and is called 56 Districts.

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