Deep Jandu Fires Back At False Accusations Over Karan Aujla Sheikh Song


If you had to pick two artists that were ‘tight’ on today’s scene then Deep Jandu and Karan Aujla spring to mind. So when various networks started spreading false rumours about the leaking of Karan Aujla’s new song Sheikh and accusing Deep Jandu of doing it! What did you think the man was going to do? Stay quiet?

Sheikh is the new song from Karan Aujla and has been produced by Manna Music. The song was slated for release in March 2020 but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the song was delayed. Rehaan Records withheld the release and stated it would be out soon and no date was attached.

Last week the song then appeared on streaming sites and was leaked onto Youtube. Not only was the song leaked but the video with poor audio was also leaked. This for some reason led some media outlets blaming Deep Jandu for the Karan Aujla leak! This news spread like wildfire and prompted Deep Jandu to respond to the rumours.

The fact that lies like this can be spread so easy highlights how gullible some people are. When people talk about unity in the scene they must also look at some media outlets who repeatedly only report half a story or their own version of events.

Check out the Deep Jandu response and more details below:


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Suniyaa khabran-pariyaan khabran Jo sade ser te-jariyaan khabran Mul babe ne pehlan hi paa ta Rakhiyaa neetan suchiyaa da Shru ton hi byi-kaat aa Landu harkatan tuchiyaa da Release karn nu waadu gaane Leak karn di lod nhi Nhi nibde taan chod do rishtey Cheat karn di lod nhi Kise de character utte Mint lagda ungal uthoun lyi Badi cheap publicity aa Subscriber wadoun lyi Tarakiyaa kro-channel kholo Mukdi gal aa..sach taan bolo… Rabba smat bakshi..🙏 Just because I don’t do any interviews and don’t say anything in the media does not mean I cant…I can come out and speak about everything that has happened to me but I choose not to. I believe in positive thinking and karma…to all the ones that did me wrong and the media channels, news reporters that always say negative things to bring me down and cause issues…Get a life

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The Song Sheikh from Karan Aujla has banged hard since its official release this weekend. The song once again highlights the clever wordplay the Karan Aujla brings to the scene. The lyrics are fresh, current and have mass appeal, Karan Aujla is on fire!! Oh and a song over 3 minutes! Thank you

Check out Shiekh by Karan Aujla here:

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