Delhi Cops v Delhi Lawyers – Fights, Burning Cars & Lathi Charges


We all know the satisfaction of finding a car parking spot. Then reserving that spot daily becomes your goal. A Lawyer in Delhi got into a heated debate with a Delhi Police officer about a parking spot, but this got weirdly out of hand as the Delhi Cops and Delhi Lawyers ended up sparking a mass riot outside a city court!

The incident took place at Tis Hazari court (Delhi) on Saturday. It soon became a battle between lawyers and policemen. It is alleged the lawyers reportedly took the law into their own hands and started beating up policemen. In response, the policemen also unleashed violence against the lawyers injuring two of them.

According to reports, the incident began around 3 pm on Saturday when a policeman of the Delhi Police got into a fight with a lawyer over parking his car outside the jail lockup, a space reserved for jail vans. However, the argument turned violent when a group of lawyers who were campaigning for the bar council elections got into a heated exchange with the police.

The cops allegedly dragged a few of them and took them to the lockup. While this was happening, some lawyers reportedly set a few bikes parked outside the lockup on fire. Lawyers even attacked journalists, covering the incident.

Later, the police lathi-charged the lawyers and reportedly damaged their cars and chambers on the court premises. The Delhi Police claimed 20 police officers and 12 lawyers were injured in the clash.

During the clash, an advocate named Vijay Verma was allegedly shot, leading to lawyers setting up fire on police vans. The lawyer was admitted to St. Stephen’s hospital and is under observation.

Additional DCP (north) Harender Singh said that a team of police reached the spot to control the situation but they got into a scuffle. The police allege that a group of about 150-200 lawyers tried to break down the gates of the lockup, at which point a cop fired at Vijay Verma, one of the protesting lawyers. The bullet hit him on his right chest and he collapsed on the spot. Another lawyer identified as Ravi also sustained bullet injuries on his right hand.

Video 1 – Police bring in one Lawyer and ‘go in’ 
Video 2: The lawyers come in to get their lawyer buddy and fight with the Police

Video 3: The Police station is surrounded and the Lawyers set fire to motorbikes outside the Police station!

Video 4: The Lawyers burn and smash Police vehicles knowing that the cops are locked into the building
Video 5- Police burst out of their building & smash up lawyers cars

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