Delhi Man Blames Smog For Having Sex With His Sister In Law


The smog issues in New Delhi have made headlines across the globe. The wintry like conditions created fog that then combined with local smoke and dust levels to reduce visibility. Flights were cancelled and people were advised to stay indoors. The reduced visibility is now been blamed for a mix up in a bedroom! YES REALLY

Aman who is a resident of Delhi has blamed the smog for having sex with his Bhabi….. 

Aman (name changed) was caught red-handed by his wife whilst indulging in sex with his sister-in-law. However, when he was caught in the act, Aman was found to moaning his wife’s name at the height of passion. That left his bhabi confused, and attracted the attention of his own wife!

Believe it or not, Aman blamed poor visibility caused by the smog for his act. He said that in the dark, he thought of his sister-in-law was his wife and vented his passion. However, his wife is not ready to buy this explanation and has lodged a police complaint.

Currently, the case is under investigation and the family members have been asked by their respective lawyers to stay quiet. So at the moment, any other information is not available.

Once the hearing of the case begins, Daily Ent. Xpress will bring to you the latest updates. In the meantime, lads, make sure you clear that smog out of your eyes when you get home late at night!! In the meantime here is some Alaap ….


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