Des-C Sajna Ve Sajna – Should We Leave The Classics Alone?


It would be very hypocritical of us to continue to call out Bollywood remakes of Punjabi classics and then not mention when Punjabi artists then also do the same.

Sajna ve Sajna is an all time classic from the Punjabi singing legend Gurdas Maan, and the song holds a special place in many Punjabi music fans hearts. It comes from a golden era of films and Punjab classics, so if Bollywood were to touch it, we would be enraged. So should we feel different when one of our “own” decides to do a rendition of it?

I mean Sardara Gill did it! Yet people are enraged at the version by Des-C why?

The Sardara Gill version, did have Gurdas Maan’s blessing, which does make a big difference.

Des-C is a friend and understands the game, but in reality playing with the classics is a risky game, and it does seem as if this has backfired on him.

Fan’s of the original want it to sound something like the original, they want it to be as special as that. Des-C has tried to put his own style onto the track, but the public have not bought into his creative vision.

Let this be a lesson for all those who think doing covers of big tracks opens door to success! The public are not a easy going as they used to be.

What do you think of the track?



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