Desi Daily – World Cup Day 2 Round Up with Dev & Asif


Day 2: World Cup de report, Ajj bas meh ah, Asif, lol, he is at enterprise car hire, scratch scruth on the hire car, deposit gone!

Pehla,Lehlo Spain 3- Portugal 3

Ronaldo dekh lah, bandeh set ah, hat-trick, and not 1 bal out of the place, bandeh de game ehn kaim ah!

Spain do the typical Punjabi thing, they get so angry that the manager is going to new job, siddi sack! Then they put man in charge who is with the team, lehlo, pay the price. Plenty goals in this game, so PTC news I watch on repeat, but my kids they take the piss, they want to watch the highlights too. I will be starting Fund Me page to get new TV for the little idiots.

Ronaldo leh gaana, he deserved it!

Iran 1 Morroco 0

Shit game, why bother watching, stupid sala score the own goal at the end, then cry like my son when I don’t let him eat meat on Sundays at weddings, dickhead.  Game boring, and stadium was empty, like Asif’s bank account when Enterprise keep his deposit!

Uruguay 1 – Egypt 0

Pure tatti, game was very very bad, and FIFA come on yaar why you taking the piss, look Egypt, Morocco both playing football on the Eid day, you do not see the gorah team play on the Christmas, bloody stupid, no wonder Egypt do the lose, they wanted to party but had to come to work, stupid.

Anyway we back tomorrow, and I promise Asif wil be here, unless he is walking back from Enterprise car hire.


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