Desi Grills – Brigadiers, London (EC4 8AR)


Location: The Brigadiers is located in the heart of London, 7 minutes away from St Paul’s Cathedral and the nearest tube station is Bank, which is a mere 5 minutes walk away.

Appearance: Like most things in London, unless you know it is there you will walk past the Brigadiers as if it were just another bar. As we approach it seems fairly busy inside and outside, well, we are not blessed with much of a summer in the UK, so when the suns out – the people are out.

The interior is a great contrast to the outside, which has a real modern feel to it, but once inside you feel like you are in a warm, friendly and beautiful members club, that has a buzzing atmosphere. If you want it quite, this may not be the venue of choice for you. The Brigadiers really is stunning inside, we feel at home already and are loving everything about the Brigadiers so far.

Drinks: Whatever you need is here, from spirits to cocktails to draught beers and specialist ales, you cannot pick fault with anything here for options. Just, us being us I guess though, when serving lager please ensure it is in the right pint glass, having a flat lager is not a good luck. The bar staff did change it for us though and thankfully did not just pour that pint into another same glass, he was apologetic and remained friendly with us even though we asked for our drink to be changed.

Food Ordering: We were shown to our table and our order was taken promptly and efficiently though we did feel the waiters aim was to push more and more drinks to us, advice on the food would have been better, we order and are informed the food will be with us shortly approx. 30mins.

Check out the Brigadiers Menu in full here
Now, remember you are in the heart of London so do not expect this visit to be like a afternoon out in your local desi boozer price wise, but even still £60 for a mixed grill for two to share! We were pre-advised to get lots of starters rather than go for a grill but hey, us being us, we went all in and ordered the following!

Masala Chicken Skins, Original BBQ Butter Chicken Wings, Tandoori Masala Jheenga in addition to the mixed grill! Good job this bill is going against expenses over £120 on food on drinks and we are still on our first sips of alcohol!

Sizzler: OK, for £60 we got 2 prawns, 2 pieces of chicken, 2 lamb chops and 2 pieces of shish kebab! less is more they say – Whatever!!!

The prawns were decent, nothing amazing and the flavours used hardly made the bridge of mouth before the prawn was down my throat, not the best we have had at all. The chicken pieces, well we had one each and they were good, nothing stand out, but just wish we had more. The chicken had been marinated well and had nice spicy kick to them, but just lacked a real spark. The kebab, just like the prawns earlier, we really did need more of, the meat used was impressive and they were flavoured well, but magic?!

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Now, the tandoori lamb chops, these are simply and by far the best lamb chops we have had at any venue across the UK, these are unreal. The flavours, the quality of the meat, the spice levels, everything about these was just amazing, not a hint of fat, not burnt, just bursting with flavours and wow! we ordered more!

The Butter Chicken wings and Masala Chicken skins were also impressive the butter wings especially, the spice was perfect and again the quality of the meat used is so stand out compared to a lot of other venues we have been to.

Conclusion: The Brigadier was our first stop off in central London for venues serving mixed grills, and we really enjoyed our time here, yes it is not cheap and we knew that before hand but once inside you buy into the whole vibe and the price, well we are in London and doing touristy things.

The venue has a great vibe to it and really is buzzing, the smell of the spices may test you if you are going back to your office, but if you are in Central London and fancy a grill, then The Brigadier should be on your list, but remember order the elements separately as the grill as a whole did not stack up to other side orders. Whatever you order, just remember -THE LAMB CHOPS ARE A MUST.

Check out how The Brigadier stacks up compared to others in the national league and the new Central London League here: 

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