Desi Grills Desi Pubs And The New Normal!


July 4th 2020 saw many pubs and restaurants fling open their doors to the public. Desi Pubs were among those to welcome back customers after months of closure and uncertainty for the nation. Whether you went out last weekend or not, here is our guide to the new normal for many Desi Pubs. We have visited and spoken with lots of Desi Pub owners and managers over the last 4 days to give you a heads up as to what to expect if you are visiting a Desi Pub in the near future.

Book Ahead:

If you plan to go out for a Desi Grill, please note 99% of places will now ask you to book. Calling ahead is now pretty much essential. Turning up on time, which is not a strong point for us desi’s is now the new normal!

Time Slots:

So you have called ahead and booked, now be sure to ask the venue you are calling if they do time slots. The Soho Oak whom we visited earlier this week informed us that they do 90-minute slots other venues are doing the same with some offering longer slots. Ensure you ask! Time slots can depend on the day of the week too. Weekends may see smaller slots as venues are busier. The onus is then on you to turn up on time. Desi Pubs we have spoken to have stated that if you have booked and have not turned up after 15 – 20 minutes that slot may well be lost!

Ordering Ahead:

One of the biggest bugbears with people going to desi grills was the time they had to wait for food to arrive. This now can become a thing of the past. When ringing ahead to book a slot, venues are happy to take food orders for when you arrive. If you want a mix grill and want to decide on curries when you get there! Just say so and save time when you arrive. This will be one of the big wins from the new normal! This will save time and you can actually chill out knowing that you have food as soon as you sit down!

Table Service:

Venues like Parkfields in Wolverhampton now have apps for you to order drinks and food from your table. This is a huge win and saves so much time, no more queuing at the bar – Hoorray! The Soho Oak and Soho Tavern like many other venues have staff on the floor. They now take orders from you as you are seated for drinks. This avoids the bar getting congested and is a much safer option than having people at the bar at the same time.

Bespoke Venues:

Not every Desi Pub has the same set of rules. The Sportsman in West Bromwich encourages people to ring up, but if you are prepared to wait when you get there you may get a table. Other venues are doing likewise if you fancy just popping in on the off chance, by all means, go ahead, just don’t moan if you have to wait!

The Effort:

Desi Pubs have gone to a huge effort to ensure that when they re-opened their venues, they were safe and adhering to government legislation. The Desi Pubs may well be changing but, a lot of measures put in place will only enhance the experience of going for a grill. It may seem strange at first but these measures may well attract new customers to venues and help people get their businesses back to pre-pandemic levels.

In Conclusion:

Capacity at Desi Grill venues has been reduced. This means less footfall and fewer punters but by adhering to the new rules we are hoping venues get back on their feet. Many people may not feel safe going to pubs and crowded venues currently. That we fully understand. Just know that if you do wish to go to a Desi Pub they are doing what they can and working to guidelines provided by the government. Venues are not overcrowded like first thought, but instead now have a calm relaxed feel about them if you are dining. We ourselves have visited many venues this week and been happily reassured by the way in which they are now operating.

If you wish to go this week or in a months time just remember the guidelines:

Ring ahead, be on time, order from your tables and love the food! The Desi Grills are back baby! Check out the latest League Table here:

The New Desi Grills Desi Pubs Premier League Table – March 2020



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