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Location: Yaaran Da Dhaba is based out of the Jolly Collier Pub on Old Heath Road, Wolverhampton. The Jolly Collier is approx 10 minutes from the M6 junction 10, and the Molineux is about 5/6 minutes away.

Appearance: The Jolly Collier is an estate pub, you can not deny that, it is off the main road, not by a long way but it is on a estate of sorts, but do not let that put you off.

The Jolly Collier has ample parking in and around the venue and once you get inside you are greeted by a nice and friendly environment. The place is clean and welcoming, never judge a book by its cover.

Drinks and Food Ordering: The selection of spirits is not the biggest we have seen, but you have all the regular vodka’s and whiskey’s, the draught is decent, a nice head and a clear pint, lines seem to be cleaned regular.

The Jolly Collier is not overly busy as we order our food, but the kitchen staff do indulge us in conversation and are extremely helpful when talking food and what they do. We are informed our food will be 30 mins.

Our Sizzler arrives just after 20 minutes, impressive!

We ordered the “Grill Yaaran Da” (large) and it does look good, its sizzling and waft of meat is in the air!

Chicken Tikka: Nice, these are diffrent, not sure how they are prepaired but they do have a unique feel to them, and that is a good thing, they are cooked well, and it is a good start.

Fish Pakora: The batter on these is ok, and the fish used is good, nothing really stand out about these, a solid effort, just missing that spark.

Spring Lamb Chops: These are like the tikka, they have a nice unique feel, seasoned well, good quality of meat and not over done. Could have done with more meat though.

Wings: Spicy lol, which is what we like, but the spice does over power the taste on a couple of the wings, a good effort, the spice has impacted the taste of the wings though.

Sheesh Kebab: Again these are impressive, why? They have a unique feel to them, these are not just your run of the mill kebabs, the meat is good, the spice is good and they are cooked all the way through.

Curries: We had two curries lamb and Chicken, the thing we like about the Jollie Colllier is that they have made each dish their own and that goes for the curries too. The lamb and the chicken dishes are both solid efforts, with the sauce being the magic.

Conclusion: Yaaran Da Dhaba – Jolly Collier Pub is a venue that people should try, it has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere and the staff are very helpful, but the other reason you should pop in? They make the dishes their own.

The sizzler was impressive, they made it their own, rather than getting that generic taste, we were treated to some real variety in flavours. The wings were too spicy and the fish batter on this occasion did not appeal, but on the plus side the tikka, chops and kebabs were impressive.

The curries, once again unique to this place, have we had better, yes, did these appeal for being different – Yes!

We enjoyed our visit to the Jolly Collier,and we will be heading back, the staff are friendly the place is clean and sometimes we just want to go and relax in a pub, and we felt we could do that here.

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