Desi Grills, Desi Pubs – The Phoenix Bar & Grill Oldbury (B69 1DY)


Location: The Phoenix bar and grill is situated a mere 5 minutes from Junction 2 of the M5 (Approx 15 minutes from the Hawthorns), even though The Phoenix bar and grill is off the beaten track it is not hard to find. Once you get here, parking is available on site and is plentiful.

Appearance: From the outside the Phoenix may not wow you as a building, but the lights all around the outside will mean that you will not miss it. Upon walking in, you get options to either go into the the bar area or the lounge (well the eating area) and it is only on walking in do you actually realise how big this place is.

The Phoenix is clean, smells fresh and very welcoming, we get a sense of warmth, maybe because it is freezing outside and lovely and warm inside. We have tables dotted around and plenty of TV’s we can see why this is becoming a go to venue for sports fans.

Food Ordering/Drinks: If you like a variety of drinks then you will not be disappointed, we have the lot here, flavoured gin’s, vodkas and a whole host of shots. The larger is on point too, a fresh and crisp pint.

We order our food and are informed to take a seat as out food will be out in 20 minutes, this is the second visit, on the first visit the venue was extremely quite (it was 4pm) and we got our food in 20 minutes, today will be interesting as we have a few more in and yet still given the same waiting time!!

Our food arrives in 20 minutes….IMPRESSIVE

Sizzler: The hiss of the onions the wafting smell of the meats, ah yes how we have missed this in the last 3 days lol.

Chicken Tikka: Plenty of chicken tikka for us here, and it is cooked well, not overdone, but just right, this is damn impressive. The meat has been marinated in a quite fantastic sauce and this is an impressive start.

Sheesh Kebab: Again the sheesh is the poor relation of the grill, we are not saying it is bad, but nothing excites us about this, we have large chunks and it is ok.

Lamb Chops: These were impressive, the meat actually just falls off when you dive in, hardly any fat and the flavours are very rich and once again whoever marinated and flavored these bad boys knew what they were doing.

King Prawns: These lacked flavor for us, all the elements seemed to be there, just very much like the Kebab, nothing stand out.

Fish Pakora: The batter is fresh and has lovely feel to it, the crunch as you bite in is full of flavour also, these are not greasy, not heavy just very well cooked and delivered.

Chicken Wings: Just as wings should be, sticky, spicy and flavorsome, no issues with these at all.

Curries: We had the Lamb Claypot and the Chicken Claypot, and both dishes were impressive, rich sauces, lot’s of meat and pretty good, Cannot knock these dishes, well cooked and served piping hot with a real air of freshness.

Conclusion: The Phoenix Bar and Grill has got a few mentions in the last 3 months or so as aplace to visit, and what can we say? Both of our visits have been very good indeed. The staff have been very helpful, talking us through dishes and their visions for the future, really nice people.

The sizzler is on point, the chef we understand has come from another venue which we liked (we did not know this until we had left). The prawns and the sheesh were nothing amazing, but the rest of the grill was pretty much bang on, great use of spices and flavours, and the onions at the end, oh yeaahhhh.

The curries, just like the sizzler were impressive, plenty of meat, well cooked and tasted so fresh, you didnt get then sense that they were just heated up and sent out, enjoyed these, fresh feel.

The Phoenix bar and grill is added to our list of venues that are a must visit, fantastic effort.

Check out the Desi Grills League UK League Table and also see how the Phoenix fared in the Birmingham league too., click this link.


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