Desi Grills #GrillHeil – The Man Behind The 2020 Desi Grill Explosion


It was way back in 2018 when we here at DEX launched our Desi Grill league! This was aimed at apne and lads travelling up and down the country to football matches. Many other sites and pages popped up and fell away. Then in January 2020 Leeds United fan, Manny aka Suppressed Sikh took the game to a new level.

A tweet posted in January took Desi Grills from the desi crowd to the masses, something only Manny could do! The hashtag #GrillHeil was created and well, what happened next is just a madness! The original post from January has had over 500,000 interactions. Combine this with all the videos on the post and Manny has attracted views into the millions! A new crowd is waking up to the desi pub and grill scene! Remember it ain’t a desi grill unless it’s in a desi pub!

The original tweet! If you are feeling hungry reading this post will not do you any favours

So who is @SuppressedSikh? Thing is we have to tread carefully here as we do not wish to see RIP DEX popping up on Twitter.Ā 

So all we are saying is, go follow him and trust us, you will be entertained. As well as tweets about animal combat and food Manny has also highlighted many peoples charity campaigns and used his account for good. But it is his tweets about Desi grills that have attracted the most attention. All of a sudden non-desi folk are searching towns and cities for local desi pubs/grills just to use the #GrillHail hashtag.

A desi pub owner from Wolverhampton got in touch with us and asked us why were his punters saying, Grill Hail? We had to explain what was going on! That pub owner was not the only one, many have asked and asked to pass on their thanks to Manny! But, the best thing they can do is ensure Manny and his two boys never pay for a grill again!

@SuppressedSikh may not be everyone’s cup of tea and the good thing is, he does not aim to be. No sponsored posts, no ads, just him and his views. He has raised many Sikh issues and has used his platform to push Sikh topics in Punjab and across the world as well as good causes here in the UK. One charity that Manny has supported from day dot and continues to help is Swat (SWAT London). If people are interested in also wish to donate to Swat please click the link.

In the meantime, go follow @SuppressedSikh and have a smile during lockdown 2!

Check out our most recent Desi Grills League and Guide here! Remember these Desi Grills are open over the new lockdown period for takeaway. Please give them a call and support local businesses.

The New Desi Grills Desi Pubs Premier League Table – March 2020



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