Desi Grills International Special – Taste Of India, Mexico (Via Beetle Juice AKA @GhostSingh)

Taste of India  Mexico $20 taxi ride from hotel zone

A Group of 7 (experienced) mixed grill frequenters and two top lads we met in the hotel (Rui Cancun) from Austria – Chris & Lucas.

We arrived at a nice and clean establishment on the outside, a very helpful gent showed us in, the owner was on hand who passed us on to the head waiter who spoke clear Punjabi. There weren’t many people in, probably because of the time we went (early evening) so we didn’t ask about waiting times.

Booths & tables and floors were all clean, a colorful, fresh vibrant decor and some great embroidered Punjabi pictures on the walls, picture in your mind the classic Punjabi Sohni Mahiwal.

Drinks – Ordered Corona and limes (lots)

Food – Ordered poppadoms (lots), 2 large mixed grills, 2 Chicken Tikka, 1 Lamb Saag, 1 Chicken Jalfrezi, 1 Lamb Keema, 1 Vegetable Kolapuri (mixed veg sabji) &

Garlic Coriander Naans (lots)

So firstly I have to mention the poppadoms, they were proper papper with cracked black pepper and all I can say is if you know ….. then you know.

These brought back childhood memories, fresh off the thuva with a little mango chutney – and yes we had to order more of these.

For our mains, the large mixed grills arrived first, roughly about 20 mins from ordering. The meat was stacked sizzling on top of a bed of onions, cucumber and carrots – yes cucumber and carrots, I had to try them and surprisingly it really works, weird hunna ?

The mixed grill contained a reasonable mix of chicken tikka, coriander chicken tikka, tandoori salmon, lamb sheesh and a tandoori chicken leg. All the chicken tikka pieces were juicy and the salmon flaked just right. The right amount of spice and flavouring. The sheesh kebabs were coloured just right and were juicy and seasoned really really well. There were no chicken wings, which I didn’t mind as they’re normally left when we go for mixed grills in England.

The curries arrived at the same time as the grills as we had requested, most curries were shared around and there were no complaints about the lack of meat per dish. The lamb saag was amazing, fresh saag and tender pieces of lamb, my mouth was left watering. I tried the chicken jalfrezi and again cooked very well with the right amount of thurri, and the habitual thuva heated dry red chilli that someone just had to try (not me).

Finally, I tried some the of the vegetarian dish and the vegetables tasted fresh and crunchy, again well cooked and spiced.

Beers were cold, service was pleasant, and with a smile. Price was very reasonable when compared to English mixed grills, so the value for money is there. We asked to see the chef, who we thanked for the nice food and then we asked waiter if he could play Hostel, 3 Peg and others ….. it turned into a bit of a dance off and I’m sure we were ‘facebook lived’ to India by the waiters.


To summarize, I’ve been to many mixed grills in England, and this is on par with the best of them, and might even beat them when you consider the price charged and value for money.

The two Austrians enjoyed the new flavours and spices, their first mixed grill. The papper is a great nostalgic touch, not your usual deep fried ones like in UK restaurants. Service and hospitality was first class, couldn’t ask for more and they couldn’t do enough for us.

I do think it’s unfair for me to score this place (it would be very high), as it has to be the same people visiting/ scoring each place so the ‪@DailyEntXpress boys have a reason to visit Cancun. ‬So if you’re in Cancun, and you’re missing your weekly (or daily) fix of mixed grills, believe me, visit this place and you absolutely will not be disappointed.


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