Desi Grills – The Clock House West Bromwich (B70 9QG)

It’s on the High Street Ay It! That was the instructions given by a friend when asked where The Clock House West Bromich was…

Location: The Clock House is situated on West Bromwich High Street, by the clock at the bottom of the High Street as you leave the town. If you are out and about at the Hawthorns for the football this is an approx 30-minute walk away from the ground and a 10-minute drive away. M5 junction one is also approx 5-10 minutes away.


From the outside, you are aware straight away this is no Desi pub. The Clock House looks and feels like a restaurant from the outside. It looks clean and well maintained, the signage is impressive. Though being honest it does not stand out much from anything else adjoining the property. But, hey that’s just us.

As we enter we hear music and the venue has a few people in. The atmosphere seems joyful enough. We have booths, tv’s and a nice airy feel to the place. The place has a fresh feel to it. The Clock House seems to be quite a popular place for families, with most of the booths taken up by couples and groups. Us 4 lads look a bit lost lol. Chal koi na, Angels after (only 5 minutes up the road)

The Clock House Has Been A Hit With Couples & Groups


Ok, we get why it seems to be popular with couples and groups. The Clock House seems to specialise in cocktails. A smart move, one of only a few desi style bars in the area to do a dedicated selection of cocktails. So that’s a tick in the box. The draught was ok, just please use the right glasses for the right drinks! A decent pint and the price is fair. A good solid selection of spirits but it’s the cocktails that seem to be popular.

Ordering: Once seated we go through the menu and notice they have a good veggie offering, so as well as cocktails, they do cater for vegetarians and vegans. We order the extra-large mixed grill, which offers codfish pakoras as opposed to the other grills which only offer Fish Pakoras? We were informed our food would be out in approx 30 mins, it arrived after 40.

Clock House West Bromwich Sizzler:

So let’s dive in with the sizzler and we start with the codfish pakoras. The batter is light with a good crunch and is well-cooked lots of good flavouring. All in all a good start.

The Chicken Tikka, of which there is a lot, is good. Marinated well and cooked well, but just lacking a spark. The chicken niblets are the same. A lack of spice on both chicken parts of the grill. The crowd here at the Clock House may prefer it this way, and we will ask for more spice next time. The niblets lose taste after just a couple of bites, unfortunately.

The Chicken wings are a bit spicier and do offer a good kick. The amount of meat on the wings is decent. Not bad.

The Lamb chops, these were cooked well, not burnt and not swamped by large amounts of fat. The meat pulled away from the bone very easily and we did not spend all night chewing our way through it. Nice!

The Shish Kebabs, these like the chicken wings had a nice amount to spice to them. They do not just crumble apart and they do offer plenty of flavours. Impressed.


So for curries, we went for the Butter Chicken and the Lamb Keema. The curries were hot and not just lukewarm. Good start. The butter chicken dish had lots of chunky pieces of meat. Butter Chicken is a hard dish to get right and this is not a bad effort, but the amount of cream used does take away from the overall finish. The Keema, this was a highlight. Cooked well, spiced well and full of juicy meat. This was one of the highlights of the night. A really fresh feel to the dish.


The Clock House is a welcome addition to the Black Country Desi scene. It has good staff, centrally located and offers something different to so many other venues.

If you are going out as a mixed group and are looking for something different then the Clock House is worth checking out. A good selection of cocktails with a solid offering of spirits and shots are all plus points.

The Grill was a mixed bag for us, nothing was overly bad and the quality of the meat used was good. A lack of spice on the chicken was an issue for us. We do like a hint of spice as that does add to the flavour, just found it lacking here. The Lamb chops, shish and codfish were impressive. The Keema was the big winner for us overall though.

The Clock House offers something different and for that reason, we will be popping back, is it a lads night out style bar? Possibly not, is it somewhere you go to make up with the other half and her friends – Yes! So on that note – See you after Christmas guys when we will be in the doghouse for drinking too much.

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Clock House West Bromwich Grill


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