Desi Grills – The Hop & Vine, Telford (TF1 5NG)


Location: The Hop and Vine is located in Telford and is approx 33 minutes drive from Wolverhampton, and if you are travelling up and down the M6 to football matches, the Hop and Vine is a mere 20 minutes away from Junction 12 of the M6.

Appearance: The Hop and Vine has a very smart look to it, a mixture of the new and old. It does look like it has undergone some kind of refurb recently, but the original features of the pub are still present, a real classy feel to the pub.

As soon as we walked in, we sensed a bubbly atmosphere, The Hop and Vine had a few customers in, but the atmosphere was nice and friendly and even as strangers we did not feel like we were out of place.  The layout of the pub is impressive it makes it feel a lot larger than what it actually is, plenty of tables and chairs and it does seem family friendly.

Drinks: The bar is impressive, a real slick feel and look to the bar, the draught lager feels clean, and we did get the right glasses for the right drink, lol! All the usual suspects are here, vodka, gins and whiskey, but this is not the biggest selection of spirits we have seen.

Food Ordering: We ask at the bar how to order food, and even though the bar is busy the staff talk us through the process and ensure we are seated and served. We are informed the food will be with us for 30 mins. Seem’s fair as it does look like everyone is eating that is here.

35 minutes later we get our food, along with an apology for it being late, not a bad touch seen as we had not mentioned it was late!

Sizzler: We had the large grill, and no way will this feed 3/4 of us, so bare that in mind, I think we have now come to the conclusion that outside of the midlands grills are actually smaller, sigh!

The Sizzler consisted of all the normal suspects Chicken Tikka, Chicken Wings, Shish Kebab, Lamp Chop’s and Fish Pakora’s, normally we review each item individually but for this grill we will group together, why?

The sizzler overall was good, the stand out items were the chicken tikka and wings, and we did have plenty of them so no issues there. The sizzler as a whole just lacked a bit of magic for us, it was good but nothing really stood out, if you get what we mean, the spice level across the whole grill was pretty mediocre. This maybe something to do with the area it is in, as we still saw people struggling with the heat of the grill around us, this was quite funny to watch as we were about to ask for some green chilies lol.

A solid grill and it seems to be popular for the locals of Telford, and TBH we are just glad we are getting a grill in Telford.

Curries: This is where the Hop and Vine came into it’s own, the chicken curry we ordered was superb , full of flavour, the sauce was lovely and thick, the amount of chicken in the dish was impressive and in addition to that the size of the chunks of meat were manageable, not to big, just right.

The lamb dish was just as impressive as the chicken curry, the sauce and flavours in the meat were bang on and the lamb was cooked well and broke off with ease, great curries.

Conclusion: The Hop and Vine is a lovely building, the pub has a real friendly feel and the customer service was really impressive. We were made to feel comfortable straight away and this place has a real family vibe to it, really welcoming.

The sizzler was good, and made for locals, and they seemed to be loving it, next time we go we will give them the heads up that we want more spice as I’m sure they would accommodate, the wings and the tikka were the stand outs from the grill.

The curries, these hit the mark, really impressive, nothing more to say about these other than, if you like a good desi curry and you are in and around Telford, then the Hop and Vine is worth a visit.

A nice, smart and clean venue, the Hop and Vine satisfied our need for a grill whilst in Telford, and in addition it seems to be spreading the desi grill culture to a new crowd! We will be back

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