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Indian Brewery Snowhill Location: The Indian Brewery is literally adjacent to Snow Hill Station, so very easy to find. Plenty of parking spaces across the road. Walking distance to the town centre and the Jewellery Quarter. Aston Villa’s Villa Park is approx a 10-minute drive away as is Birmingham City’s St Andrews. The Hawthorns is approx 30 minutes away on match days.

Appearance & Entry:

Many of us have driven past The Indian Brewery on a regular basis and it always looks clean and welcoming. That is just the start of things though. As soon as you walk through the doors the decor has your eyes whizzing around the room at the posters, images and lighting. This is no traditional Desi Pub, but one of the new breed. Very impressive.

The seating and layout of the venue is very much in keeping with the whole new street food dining experience. It is simple, manageable and it works. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming, this is ticking a lot of boxes. This may not be a traditional Desi Pub, but for couples or groups who want to try something different then The Indian Brewery may well be worth a visit.

Drinks & Ordering: 

The Indian Brewery has forged itself a great reputation for its craft beers and trust us there is a lot on offer. Birmingham Lager, Indian IPA’s, cocktails and mixers, this place tenders to all your requirements. If you wish to go a bit old school, then the lassi is on offer for those who are driving or not drinking. The drinks served are fresh, crisp and clean. So many smaller/IPA venues have issues when serving draught as it’s not pulled through the lines on a regular basis. The Indian Brewery being as busy as it does not suffer from that issue.

We ordered our food and were told it would be 25-30 mins, which was impressive as the place is busy!

Indian Brewery Snowhill Mixed Grill:

Firstly, we went for the large mixed grill, this is sufficient for two people. Other desi pubs and desi grill venues offer larger portions, so bare that in mind.  Luckily tonight it is just the two us, romantic banda tonight!

That sizzle though, how we have missed you. The meat is stacked high and we have a lot of variations and also something that is a regular to City Centre desi pubs ‘Methi Chicken’. All pubs need to offer this bad boy on a grill.

Chicken Tikka: Prepared well and cooked thoroughly. The tikka is a good start to the grill, just lacked that magic to make them stand out, yet a solid start to the grill.

Lamb Chops: Spiced well and not overdone. Lack of meat left me bemused, the quality of the chop was good, just not enough meat.

Sheek Kebabs: Not the poor relation on this grill. Well spiced and some real flavour in every bite. Really liked these, the meat didn’t just crumble really well prepared.

Green Tikka: Love this, the marinade used is full of flavour so every bite really see’s you get a mouthful of flavours. Stand out on the grill for us.

Indian Fried Chicken: Different, enjoyed these. The crispy batter that coats the chicken has some real charm. A hint of spice and not overly greasy, nice!

Wings: Wings, like the lamb chop, these had lots of flavours, but just lack an actual amount of meat. Enjoyed what we had, just wanted more meat.


Channa Sabji and Roti: Man went veggie lol. These ordered along with the mixed grill proved to be a good accompaniment. The sabji was prepared well, no holding back with the old thorka here. Some real strong flavours. The ginger and garlic really came through with ferocity here. A good solid dish. Portion size though?

Meat & Roti: You have the choice of lamb or chicken, we went for the lamb. The lamb was prepared very well, the flavours are strong and in turn, make the sauce so much better. This was superb. The Tikka was the stand out on the grill and this Lamb dish is the standout from the whole visit! Just wanted more!

The Indian Brewery Snowhill Conclusion:

If you like us love your grills and want to try something new, then The Indian Brewery Snowhill is well worth a visit. The buzz this venue generates is very different from other venues and reflects its city centre location. The venue is clean and welcoming. Tables are cleaned regularly and the staff do seem diligent. A few smiles wouldn’t go a miss though lol.

The venues appearance and layout is very modern street food and if that is something that appeals to you then you will be in your element. The food was impressive, but portion sizes are smaller than other venues. Though what we did get was impressive. The lack of meat on the lamb chops and wings maybe something they may wish to look into as the couple and group we were chatting with on the night also mentioned the same thing. Shame as the quality of the food was very good.

The meat and Roti dish was our stand out from the visit and the green tikka also worked well. If you are going out as a couple or mixed group and are in the City centre then this place is well worth a visit. Also, the location of the venue means it is slightly pricer than other desi grills, but in keeping ith other city-centre pubs. 100% we will be back, just gets some meat on those chops lads!

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