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So yes we know it is not exactly a desi pub, but hey The Pink Simba does grills and we were in the ends, so it would be rude to not check out one of the venues that we have been requested to visit over 70 times.

Location: The Pink Simba is located in Harrow near North Wembley, the stadium it is approx 20 mins drive away, so if you fancy a grill before or after an event, you are not to far away.

Appearance: The Pink Simba is not the biggest place, so you may wish to call ahead if you are going, the place is clean and tidy and has nice chilled out vibe to it. It seems as if a Birthday party is in, but hey ho we had called and we are taken to our table.

We informed (which turned out to be a one of the owners) one of the staff we were unsure as to what to order, and even though the place was busy the chef still came out and talked us through our options and how much to order, he did not want us over ordering! Brilliant bit of customer service, really spot on, after that we just felt right at home.

Drinks: The drinks selection is not the biggest in the world and the variation is not the best, the draught was OK, but it is all about correct glasses for correct drinks people, makes a massive difference. We then went onto the spirits and remained on them most of the night.

Food Ordering: After our one to one with the chef we ordered our food and were informed it would be approx 30-35 minutes as they were bsy. Like magic 35 minutes later our food had arrived, not bad, as the Pink Simba has a few people in.

So it’s not a sizzle that confronts us, but a lovely platter of meats, the large Carnivorous Platter it is…

And we dive in:

Lamb Chops: These look great, as does the whole of platter TBH, plenty of meat, not overdone, no charcoal falling off, these are quite impressive, nice quality of meat used, the meat tears of easily, very impressive.

Kebabs: Well cooked, but just lacked that bit of flavour, not sure how these are prepared but the initial taste is impressive, but the meat breaks away that fast as you eat, you don’t actually get the chance to fully enjoy the flavour, which was quite good.

Chicken Tikka: The tikka was impressive, maybe that’s why we thought we could have done with more, our 1 or 2 chunks each did taste decent though, well cooked and nice with flavours.

Choma Wings: Sticky – Yes, Tasty -Yes nice spice kick – Yes, what else can you ask for, the wings were a good size and had a good amount of meat on them, again maybe could do with more of these.

Nikee’s Hot Wings: These we were told to try, and replaced the normal hot wings that come with the platter, just like the wings mentioned above very good. More please.

Masala Chips: Now we do not normally mention chips, but these were the centre piece of the platter so they are hard to avoid, they are good, but they do not mask the fact this grill without the chips is not the biggest for the price.

Curries: We ordered the Masala Chicken and Lamb Keema, these were both impressive, these again highlight we are in more of a restaurant then a desi pub, the onus is on the curry it seems, and the pricing  also reflects that, both dishes were really impressive and we could not really pick a fault with either of these.

Conclusion: The Pink Simba – we have had so many requests to review this place, and we can understand why, it has a good atmosphere, people are smiling, the owners are fantastic and overall the experience was a good one.

The drinks selection did reflect it not being a desi pub, but more of a restaurant type venue, the cocktails on offer did not appeal and the we enjoyed our night on the spirits, more Japanese whiskey please.

The platter we enjoyed, but for £30+ it did not reflect the price, maybe we have been spoilt for choice, but other London venues for that price do offer more with the same amount of quality. But, let’s not detract we enjoyed the food and it was all very good, just not enough of it, or maybe we just ate it too quick.

The curries were bang on, and we really enjoyed these, and as we looked around the venue curries seemed to be very much the order of the day, we can see why, these were damn impressive.

The Pink Simba was an enjoyable experience and we will be returning, we were treated well and the food was impressive what else could you want for a night out? Just a bit more meat and less chips maybe?


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