Desi Grills, The Sheepscar Bar & Grill, Leeds (LS73EJ)


Location: The Sheepscar Bar and Grill is in the Chapeltown area of Leeds, but if you are a new to the area, The Sheepscar is easy to find as it is just off the main Scott Hall Road. Elland Rd home of Leeds United is a mere 12 minutes drive away and if cricket is your thing Headingley is about 8-10 minutes away by car.

Appearance: When we first heard about the Sheepscar we were informed it was a former social club, and that evokes certain thoughts about how the venue would look, big, dated and full of bingo players, but damn were we wrong!

The Sheepscar is damn impressive, it has a real modern feel to it, but does retain enough of the character of the original building to make it feel unique.

We have plenty of TV’s, we have spacious seating areas and it just feels so refreshingly unique. The Sheepscar is busy, damn is it busy, they have a separate function room that they hire and that looks like it is busy too, we are not regulars, but we are made to feel at home and are left to our own devices. The bar staff are helpful and assist us with ordering food and getting a seat. Fantastic effort from the staff as they are busy, yet took time out to address our questions!!

Drinks & Ordering: The Sheepscar is busy and that means the lines pulling the draught will be clean resulting in a good pint if they are well maintained, well, and that they are! Cracking pint, the Guinness extra cold is on point too. A great selection of spirits, we have rum, whiskey, vodka, gin and shots! Good job as we are not driving lol!

We are instructed our food will be 35-40 mins and we fully understand that as it is a busy place.

Our Food arrives after 35 minutes.

Sizzler: Ok the sizzler arrives and looks impressive, time to bless Leeds with our taste buds!

We went for the large mixed grill, and the size is not bad, more like the  sizes we are used to back in the Midlands. The Chicken tikka is good, it has been marinated well and the chicken is cooked well, not a rubbery taste. The Chicken wings, these have plenty of meat on, but just lack that spice kick we expect from our wings.

The Sheesh Kebab, is impressive, a good quality of meat, and this does have a good kick of spice.Juicy and really well delivered, the sheesh has nowt taken out! The Lamb chops these are good, very little fat, well spiced and cooked well, the meat breaks away nicely, the two lamb items have been solid.

Fish Pakora, these were pretty hit and miss, some were fine and a some were just a bit greasy, the batter was crisp on a couple and not so on the others, not sure how these were prepared just a tad disappointing as the grill on the whole has been very impressive.

Curries: We opted for the Punjabi chicken curry and the traditional lamb curry, you know, what these were both solid dishes, the Punjabi chicken curry was slightly mild for us but other than that the flavours really did stand out, good amount of chicken a lovely creamy sauce. The Lamb dish, this like the lamb on the mixed grill really is cooked well, the sauce is fantastic and spiced just right, loved this!

Conclusion: The Sheepscar Bar and Grill is well worth a visit if you are up north, this place really does do so many things well, the customer service is on point, the customers are friendly and the place is clean and smells fresh, we really can’t wait to go back.

The sizzlers low point was the fish and the lack of spice on the wings, but I’m sure next time we are in that can be amended for our personal tastes. The Chops and shish kebab really did stand out on the grill, they were the high points, the grill overall was impressive.

The curries, these were uniquely Sheepscar, they had a unique feel to the way they were cooked and we were mighty impressed with Lamb dish.

If Leeds United make it to the Premier League then add the Sheepscar to your journey, if you are at the cricket, then ensure you pop in, this place impressed us and you know what it deserves its high league position.

Check out how The Sheepscar has performed in the Desi Grills League here


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