Desi Grills – The Shire Grill – Leamington Spa (CV31 1YG)


Location: The Shire Grill is located in Leamington Spa, and if you are passing the M40 it is an approximate 20 mins away, Stratford upon Avon is 30 mins away and Warwick Castle is only 15 mins away.

Please Note: When we visited the Shire Grill they had only been open a few weeks so, the review below does allow for teething errors and we are going back for a second review in June/July.

Appearance: The Shire Grill has undergone a massive refurbishment and as soon as you walk in you cannot be anything else other than impressed. The large Shire Grill logo is dotted around the venue and on the glass but in a very stylish way, not corny at all. Really impressed.

We have some booths with TV’s for sports fans who want a more intimate experience and the bar has a lovely light and clean feel, a real modern colour scheme helps bring out the character of the venue, fantastic looking venue. We applaud you guys, great vision.

Drinks & Food Ordering: The drinks, the Shire Grill like so many newer venues that are family orientated does not have, as a large selection of spirits as other venues, but all the more popular selections are present. Flavoured Gins, Vodkas and a decent wine offering. The draught on offer is very good too, maybe the refurb offered the bar new lines as the pint is crisp and light with a near-perfect head which you usually get from new lines.

We have a great conversation with the staff and find out a bit about the owner and his sister in law who helps run it, so far the grill has impressed, nice venue, good customer service and we are told our grill will be 30 – 40 minutes. It arrives after 33 minutes! not bad at all. We ordered the Shire Grill (£22) which is larger than the ‘Large Grill’ (please note: the large grill does not come with wings!! I know yeah) and is said to feed 4-6 people!! We are a party of four and it will not serve 4-6 that we can see!

Sizzler: The grill arrives and the size is good for 4 and means we will all dine out well, but as we go further into the grill we notice a bit of a cheeky move, we get lots of chicken tikka, shish kebab but no fish which is extra and not enough chops especially if it is said to feed 6!

The chicken tikka which we have plenty of is really well marinated and seasoned, the chicken tikka and wings are very good, and Leamington folks will love these, new thing to the town and all that.

The shish kebab and Chicken kebab are not bad, but both lacked that kick of spice to really set them off, a solid effort and for people in the bar they do seem like they are spicy enough, but if you are a regular grill goer you may like to ask for a kick of additional spice.

The Lamb chops are very much like the kebabs, well flavoured but just lacking that something special to really drive home their appeal, solid without being magic.

Curries; Now we went for the Butter chicken and for the lamb dish, and on the first dish we were left confused, as it seems like the Butter Chicken was just the same as a chicken tikka masala, very sweet and creamy, as a tikka masala should be, but we were told it was a butter chicken. The lamb dish, the sauce was good and the chunks of lamb were impressive but were quite fatty, so again this will get better I’m sure as the Shire Grill gets more experience.

Conclusion: The Shire Grill is a lovely venue, it is smart, modern, family-friendly and the staff are fantastic, we were really made to feel at home and the place was quite busy yet the staff still made time for us, which is impressive.

The Punjabi and Nepalese chefs are new to the venue with one having come from Dudley’s Flavours, so they do have experience and we think in time the dining experience will just get better and better. For now, teething issues are expected so things such as the makeup of the grills and quantity of meats will develop as the venue gains experience.

The Shire Grill offered a good grill, and that is a great start, on the curry front the butter chicken failed us, but again it is a time thing and we will afford the Shire the benefit of the doubt this time lol

A great venue, with huge potential, we will be back and we are pretty sure upon our return any teething issues would have been addressed. A good addition to the Desi Grill scene and another bonus is it is on the M40 to break up a long journey home from the south.

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