Desi Mania @ Pryzm – Why Were Sikhs Asked To Remove Kara’s


The much anticipated Desi Mania took place last night at Birmingham night club Pryzm. The line up included a host of UK and International stars with Miss Pooja topping the bill. The night did pass off peacefully, but questions have been raised about a certain security aspect.

Upon entering the Pryzm some Sikh males were asked to remove their Kara’s before entering? A request that shocked quite a few attendees. Two individuals who do not wish to be named said that they refused the request. They asked why and were told it was for security reasons. The two individuals were allowed to enter Desi Mania with their Kara’s on but only after demanding to see a manager.

The video and tweet below highlight that many Sikh males ‘DID’ take of their Kara’s and leave them with security with name tags attached. We have passed on these findings and videos to the team at Sikh PA to get a better understanding of what occurred and why!


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