Desi Pubs, -Bradford Arms (Champy’s) Walsall

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Situated less than a 3 minute drive (1 minute if you make all the lights) from the M6 junction 9, The Bradford Arms is perfectly placed for passing motorway traffic heading north or south.

Football Grounds:

Situated a 20 minute walk from The Bescot Stadium (Walsall FC), and approx 10 minutes (M5, Junction 1) drive from The Hawthorns.

Appearance & Entry:

The front of the Bradford Arms is welcoming enough, even though it has changed over the years, it’s nice to see the original look still preserved. A large car park at the rear of the building means you have no issues parking.

 *NOTE* if you are not a smoker, enter via the front of the building as the entrance from the car park, is usually full of smokers and you will have to pass them, to enter.


A fantastic range of drinks are available and those of you who  enjoy spirits, a great selection is on offer, all tastes are catered for. Draught drinks are priced very fairly, with Guinness extra cold being less than £4 and Lager from £2.90.


The Bradford Arms has had to forge its reputation, as it is relatively new to the Desi Grill scene, you can only do this if the venue is clean and very well maintained, both of which are, this is clearly visible as soon as we enter via the front.

The bar area is busy and crowded, yet we are served promptly, we are told that food must be ordered from the restaurant, which is pointed out to us. We walk through the bar and it opens up to a huge dining area, which is full of diners. TV’s showing sport, subtle music in the background , the atmosphere is very family orientated.

We grab a menu en-route to the ordering point, the queue isn’t very big, but as we can see the lady taking our food order, also deals with an incoming phone order, meaning we face a delay when ordering.

We order a large mixed grill, which is available all day, we order 2 curries with naan bread, the whole thing costs less than £26, which isn’t bad, this could easily feed 3/4 people, but we will do this for you!

We are informed that we face a 30-40 minute wait for the food; we look at each other as this will mean we need a designated driver as we will be staying a lot longer than first thought. We decide to leave the car overnight, getting a cab is the one.

You pay at the ordering point, we are given a number which will identify us when our food is ready.

45 minutes later our food arrives, this is a long time to wait, and not the first time this has happened, always be prepared to wait if going to the Bradford Arms, due to the waiting time, getting seats becomes an issue as more people arrive, make sure you grab a seat on arrival.

Mixed Grill: Sizzling, yes, fried onions, yes from the outset we are happy, the food is delivered to us; we are informed that we must collect our own cutlery, which is not an issue, and not a paper plate insight.

Chicken Tikka: Great Size chicken chunks, and extremely tasty, the spice is just right, that’s spicy to some, perfect for us.

Lamb Shish Kebab: Not enough of this TBH, it tasted good, but was minimal in the grill.

Wings: Spicy, the best part of the grill, flavors are good and it’s messy, what wings should be.

Lamb Chop: Unfortunately this is very fatty with very little actual meat; this is the only thing we leave

Our two curry dishes were delivered at the same time, yet are still piping hot as we dive in.

Chicken Tikka Masala: This is cooked very well, it’s creamy, full of meat and the flavors are fantastic.

Lamb Curry: The curry is almost as good as the ones I make, spicy, good quantity of meat compared to juice ratio.


The Bradford Arms (Champy’s) is relatively new to the Desi Pubs scene, but boy does it hold its own, the food is good, the atmosphere is uplifting, staff at both the bar/restaurant are always smiling, not easy to do, when carrying a sizzling mixed grill and struggling to find the table number you are after.

If you are coming here, please expect it to be a two-hour stay, as even when quite the food still takes up to 30 minutes to come out, this is, and the fatty lamb chop are the only two things that are negatives about this place.

If you are not a fan of food overly spicy, ensure you mention that to the staff when ordering, as they will cater for you, I like it spicy and this was a huge positive for us.

Drink selection is very good and you need it, the stay can turn out to be a long one.

Location, Food, Drink and the ordering system are all big factors in making the Bradford Arms (Champy’s) a success.

Round 2, On our last visit, the Lamb Chop were kinda fatty, but this time round,  they were well cooked and really hit the spot, the flavor oozed from them. The place is still as busy as ever, customers queuing waiting for tables is sill something we see on a regular, and waiting times, even though we are informed now how long, it still feels long, just take that into account when planning a visit here.

A venue that deserves a visit if you enjoy a good family atmosphere and service with a smile.



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