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The British Queen (B69 4EW) is in Oldbury, its 10 mins away from The Hawthorns , Villa Park and St Andrews are 20 mins away either via the M5/M6 or through Birmingham, Walsall FC’s Bescot stadium is 20 mins away south down the M6.

Appearance & Entry:

I like old school pubs, but this is pushing that boundary, from the outside the British Queen looks like it’s lost in a time warp, the time warp being the currents queens’ date of birth. It’s not poorly maintained just does not appeal straight away, last week we ventured to the Parkfield Central which was less appealing yet was great inside, let’s see if this is the same.

Walking In & Bar:

We walk into the venue and head for the Dining room, and you know what, like last week, this place is totally different to the outside, the dining room is large, spacious and clean, leather chairs, TV’s on the wall, glad we popped in now, we go to the bar and order our drinks, the bar man is cheerful and service with a smile, they have a great amount of spirits on offer, glad I’m not driving.

Prices are very similar to prices as in other Black Country pubs we have been in, we pop over to the kitchen to order our food, and we are informed that it will be 25-30 mins.

The football is on so don’t know if that has contributed to the largely male dominated environment, either way we feel welcome and the atmosphere is though loud is very jovial.

It Begins:

Fair play, the food is with us in 25 minutes, great effort as it is busy.

The sizzler is sizzling, the onions are fried and it looks appealing from the off, the onions are masked by layers of oil and give off a great smell. The grill is not as large as other places we have been in the area, but let’s hope the quality makes up for that.


Chicken Tikka: These are plentiful and are cooked well, the chicken breaks of easy and there is no dry meat feel, the spice is as we wish and they are well marinated.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  One large kebab cut into two, it seems, this breaks easy the spice is good and the flavour really does hit the mark.

Wings:  Messy and tasty, lacking in spice and not the hearted wings you will get, the lack of meat on these disappoints as the grill is not exactly big.

Lamb Chops: These are the highlight, great quality of meat, not burnt and very well spiced; these are impressive, if only we had more lol.

Now to check out the Curries:

Chicken Curry:  The chicken curry sauce is a bit weak, and not as spicy as we would have liked, the dish is well cooked the meat is well cooked just lacking a spark.

Lamb Curry: I’m feeling this, the sauce, the ratio of meat, a good dish and spiced well, man is happy!


The British Queen is a busy place and Oldbury has a great boozer here, it’s very male dominated so may actually not lean towards couples or a family experience, but we were made to feel comfortable, just be aware if you are planning a visit.

The dining area is clean; tables are not left with mess on the staff are consistently moving dishes and wiping tables.

The sizzler was not as large as other places, the Lamb chops were very well cooked and prepared, the wings though appealing lacked meat, but overall the sizzler is well worth a journey, the Chicken curry lacked magic but the lamb curry was more to our taste.


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