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The Bruford Arms is just off the Penn Road in Wolverhampton so a mere 7/8 minutes drive away from the City Centre. Wolverhampton Wanderers is about a 10 minute drive away, and is the nearest football stadium. The Bruford Arms is approx. 20 minutes from the M6 Junction 10.

From the outside the Bruford Arms looks like a genuine boozer, it is on the corner, the swinging sign is in place and we have large windows for partners to look in to see if they can spot their partners on the lash. From the outside the pub has kept it’s character, which is good to see.

Once you walk in, the place feels warm and welcoming, a modern colour scheme, nicely carpeted floors  and very well maintained, impressed thus far. You have pool tables and TV’s, that makes it a desi bar lol.

Drinks & Ordering:
Well it is a good job we are here with a designated driver, the drinks selection is impressive, the draught lager is well maintained and the Guinness, was not bad at all. The selection of spirits on offer is varied, all the usual suspects plus a couple of shots that may have you staggering out rather than walking out. Good selection.

We ask the staff about the food, and we are told how to order and where, good customer service. We are informed the food will be 30 mins and in just over 30 minutes we have our food. Can you hear that sizzle!

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The Grill looks impressive it is a good size with  some real heat and smells coming from it, cant wait to tuck in…

The chicken tikka, we have lots of these and they are well marinated, the chicken is a tad dry, which for us is not an issue at all, really good start to the grill.

The chicken wings, again we have lots of these, they are sticky, spicy and well prepared, the meat breaks off easy and the meat used is of a high quality, really impressed with these.

The Kebab, this recently on our reviews has been disappointing, but today is different, it has its own unique taste and is spiced well, the meat just breaks apart, not over done, a solid effort here guys, impressed.

The fish pakora cooked well, not greasy, the batter has a crunch to it, and these go down well, not a hint of grease, which is hard to do.

The prawns, these let the grill down, they just seemed bland, nothing special about these, a shame as the grill was good to this point.

The lamb chops, the quality of meat used for these is impressive, very little fat and cooked well, some nice flavours coming through, just lacked a bit of spice. Solid effort though.

We had a chicken curry and a lamb curry, the chicken dish was good with all the elements prepared and cooked well, plenty of chicken too, which always helps. It lacked that real magic to make it special, but a solid dish overall.
The lamb dish, this was damn impressive, spiced well with all the flavours coming through, as a result the sauce and the meat is oozing flavour, great dish guys!

The Bruford Arms is a solid desi pub, it has a good crowd of regulars in, and if it is a lads venue you are after then this pretty much ticks a lot of boxes. It has a sporty feel to the place and the atmosphere is a good one.

The hygiene is impressive, the staff were helpful and we were made to feel very comfortable.

The food, the sizzler, well this was pretty good, i’d say it is up there up with the best we have had in Wolverhampton, the quality of the meat was impressive and if you are in and around wolves then this is something you should definitely pop in and try. The prawns were a major let down on the grill and hopefully that was just a one off.

The curries, the lamb took centre stage and won hands down, cooked well, really impressive flavours, this along with the wings were the standouts from the visit.

If it is a good lads environment you are after then the Bruford Arms is a great option, good quality of drinks and a great curry, we will be returning and we hope you pop in too.

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