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Club 99 is based in Oldbury, it is approx 5-8 minutes away from junction 1 of the M5, and once again it is close to The Hawthorns. Club 99 is situated on Tat Bank Road so not hard to find at all if coming off at Junction 1.

Appearance & Entry:
Lets not dress this up, Club 99  is a typical social club venue, a good size function room for private events and a good smaller room but still a good size room for diners. Like we said it has a social club feel to it, but a lot of effort has been made to dress this place up, and it is more appealing now than what it used be a few years ago.

On this visit, we see mainly lads here, but on a previous visit we did see full families here, so if you want to take your kids, then I’m sure it will not be an issue when you get to Club 99. The interior is like many desi pubs, big black tables, large comfy chairs and a few booths, and it does seem clean.

NOTE: The owner of Club 99, is Simon Dass band member of The Safri Boys, so if he is in and he has time to chat, I’m sure some of those great stories of the past will be shared, a great selling point for the venue. And trust us, the Safri Boys have more stories than most bands lol.

Drinks & Food Ordering:
The draught on offer really impressed, the prices are very standard for the Oldbury area, the Carling went down a treat, and plenty of shorts on offer, so everything you expect is on offer. Club 99 is not overly busy when we order our food, and we are informed our wait will be 30 minutes, and just before the 30 minutes our food arrives, prompt.

The Sizzler
This is big, a great size and will easily satisfy the 4 of us, especially as we have curries too, beast mode.

The chicken tikka, not the best start as this is a bit rubbery, let’s hope this is not quantity over quality!

The shish kebab this certainly does turn things for the better,a good solid shish kebab, juicy cooked well and plenty of these.

The chicken wings, these like the shish are cooked well and have a great kick of spice to them, not for the faint hearted these.

The fish pakora, these are the best thing on the grill, they have a great crunch to them and with very little oil residue, these are cooked really well, and these we could eat all day, really good.

The prawns fail to live up to the standard of the fish, these are just very bland, and unfortunately we end up leaving most of these.

The lamb chops, these finish the grill off on a good note, nothing amazing about these, but cooked well, with no fat, these will not blow you away, but you will not be disappointed either.

The Curries:
Chicken Curry, this surpassed expectation and along with the Fish on the grill this is something I would recommend, cooked well, great sauce and the meat offering is very generous as is the portion size. Great curry.

Lamb Curry:
The lamb curry is not a patch on the chicken dish, just like the lamb chops it is a solid dish, but just lacks that something to make it magic, the portion size is impressive again.


Club 99, is not a name that many outside of Oldbury, West Bromwich would have heard off, but you could do worse, a lot owrse, a good effort has been made to clean the place up, and if you are into Bhangra music and Simon is in the venue, then you are in for a treat.

Hygiene wise, the place is good, no obvious issues and the dishes a long with other mess we made was collected promptly.

The food, the fish pakora and the chicken curry are two dishes we really enjoyed and they stood out, nothing really disappointed other than the prawns, the grill was good not amazing as was the lamb curry.

Is Club 99 somewhere we would go back? Yes, screens everywhere for the football, good bunch of lads, yeah, why not? if you are looking for something different then this is not a bad option at all, and it is trying hard to rid itself of the old image the place had.

Check out Club 99’s national and Birmingham league position here 


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