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The Curry’n’Grill (yes “n”) is situated in Stone Cross in between Walsall and West Bromwich, you can not miss the building it is on the main ring road in Stone Cross, it is a 10 minute drive from M6 junction 9. The Bescot Stadium (Walsall FC) is a mere 5/6 mins away and the Hawthorns is about 10 minutes drive away.

Like we stated you can not miss the Curry n Grill, it is situated right on the main roundabout, parking is available at the front of the building and to the side, if the car wash is not too busy.

Once we parked up, we noticed it was quite busy, it is the world cup after all, lots of people coming in and out, the smokers standing outside do not exactly make it an inviting place, first impressions and all that.

Once we walk inside the venue we notice that it is quite busy and lots of people are standing either waiting for tables or using the toilets, which seem to be very popular here for some reason. The place is very smart inside, and looks very fresh and clean, a nice layout, and it works well, the place is very smart, and well kept. On a previous visit to the Curry n Grill, it was extremely cold, so we can not judge the heating now, as it is a blazing hot summers day.

Drinks & Food Ordering:
This is a lads and locals kind of a place, so the beer has to be impressive and it is, great pint, and the Guinness goes down extremely well too. The spirits selection is impressive, and everything you need seems to be on offer. We order our food and we are told it will be 40-50 mins as they are extremely busy, we thought this would be the case so we are cool with this, on a previous visit we were served in 40 minutes.

*** After 55 minutes we went and inquired about how long the food would be, we were told, 10 minutes, after 10 minutes we went and asked again, the staff who were bringing out the food, were quite abrupt in telling us 10 more minutes. We eventually got our food after 1 hour 35 mins. No smiles or apologies! Not impressed at all, quite frankly disgusted***

The Sizzler
This was not sizzling but warm, and we discussed going, but the fact we had paid meant we should at least try the food.

The tikka, this was really impressive well cooked, real well marinated and some great flavours coming through.

The kebab, this was really impressive once again, well spiced and a good quality of meat used, on a par with the tikka, not sure if we are just that hungry or in fact the food really is this good.

Chicken wings, these compared to the first two items just lacked that spice kick and were not marinated as well as they could have been, just a bit bland.

The lamb chops, cold lamb is not my thing, it is a pity as they did seem to be spiced and cooked well, but chewy, damn, no wonder peoples jaws are going in this place.

The chicken curry this was spiced well and well cooked, good size chunks, this and the lamb curry were both well prepared, the only issue for us was the fact they were no longer piping hot, which meant we really struggled to judge them.

On two separate visits to the Curry N Grill we have had issues, so do not know if it is just us and our timing or if it is a regular occurrence, having spoke to some of the people around us, the waiting times when busy can be long, and the staff who deliver the food do not really seem to fussed. The bar staff were fantastic, firstly they tried to mask the issue with a smile, then they themselves also gave up.

It is a pity, as the place is very clean, busy and the decor is impressive, it has a lot going for it, but the waiting times on this occasion and the last time really did leave us frustrated.

The food was not bad, not bad at all, but will we ever be able to judge it without a delay?

Sorry guys, you have a great building and lots going for it, but two bad experiences are not a good sign

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