Desi Pubs – Desi 2, Smethwick #DesiGrills


Desi 2, is located approx 3 mins drive from Smethwick High st, so M5 junctions 1 and 2 are a mear 5/8mins drive away, The Hawthorns is only 5 minutes away, though on match-days, make that 25 mins.

Appearance & Entry:
Desi 2, is very different to the pub we ventured into a few years ago, it has been mondernised, cleaned and made to look more appealing, looks very polished.

Walking In & Bar:
This is a desi pub in a desi area, so we were not surprised to see it full of male customers, and regulars, once again, we are impressed with the layout and new look of the pub, the football is on, so its quite rowdy and lively, people know we are not regulars, and this makes us a bit weary i guess, either way we order our drinks and take a seat.
As with all desi pubs, the selection of spirits on display is impressive, whiskey and vodka seem to be the order of the day, cracking pint, feels fresh and crispy!

It Begins:

We manage to find a table and sit ourselves down, we see that others are all eating, so that is a good sign, we are informed our food will be 20 minutes, which is impressive if true as this place is very very busy this afternoon.The food eventually gets to us in 30 minutes, after we had gone to see where it was, to be fair the place is busy and 20 minutes was never going to happen.


(First of all, this sizzler was big, yet not as big as the one on the review from the lads at the banter lounge, which left us bemused, it was large, but not as large)

The sizzler upon arrival was impressive,  it hissed and sounded great, the sheesh kebab was on point, it was not too spicy, or chewy, it worked well. The wings, the lack of meat on these was disappointing, wings were messy and flavorsome, but not enough meat on these.

The tikka and fish were both marinated well and tasted fresh, both cooked very well, and the fish had very little if any oil residue, meaning that the crunch was still apparent when tucking in.

The lamp chops like the wings, lacked meat, what we had was great, but just not enough.

Chicken Curry: This was good, not outstanding, but good, the sauce was good, it remained hot, and the ration of meat to sauce was extremely impressive.

Lamb Curry: This for us was the stand out dish of the whole night, it was cooked to perfection, the lamb was not tough, it broke away easy and the sauce was fantatstic, the amount of lamb chunks used also impressed, this dish alone seals a return visit for us.


The Desi 2, has a new pub feel to it, gone have the days when it was just somewhere you drove past to see who was smoking outside prior to making up your own mind as to whether you would go in or not, so appearance and hygiene wise, great job.

This place is a lads joint, make no bones about this, it has a hardcore of regulars and they love this place, if you plan to go with the family and kids, bare that in mind. I’m sure you would be made to feel welcome as we were as the night went on. This is a pub that is what it says it is, Desi!

The sizzler sheesh/chicken tikka and fish impressed, all very well delivered, the lack of meat on the wings and chops left us bemused as they were spiced and marinated extremely well, we wanted more lol. The lamb curry sealed a return visit for us, very impressed.

So if it is a lads night out you want, this is not a bad option, good drinks and a great lamb curry, take the partner out on another night.


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