Desi Pubs – Fox and Goose, West Bromwich #DesiGrills


The Fox and Goose is approximately 10 minutes from Junction 1 of the M5.

Appearance, Parking

Parking is not really an issue, a small car park is available, the main road in front of the pub will be your best bet, the street is well lit and no more than a minutes’ walk away. From the outside The Fox and Goose  has a very polished look, almost like it has recently been done up, or it is just well maintained, either way, it looks welcoming and clean, so it would be rude not to go in.

A cocktail menu, and it does not look bad either, bit of variation from the norm, but hang on the Carling is on special every afternoon, Chicken curry and rice with a pint £5!! Wow, I opted for the lager, and a wise choice, tasted crisp, and very refreshing. This is not the largest of pubs, and as a result, it is quite loud, it seems welcoming, but a quite meal, this will not be.

The grill took 30 mins and was paid for once we had ordered, along with the curries, which we asked for at the same time, when the grill arrived, we had to remind the staff we had also ordered curries and naan breads Upon agreeing they went back to check if indeed we had, we were then asked if we had ordered them, we informed that yes we had and informed them of the money we had paid. So we had our sizzler and had to wait for our curries, some of our team that had been here previously also had orders mixed up. Needs addressing guys.

Mixed Grill
Did the two of us feel guilty for eating our mixed grill whilst the other two waited for curries, not really, we just kind of went in. The chicken tikka was fresh and tasted great, these chunks of chicken were worth the wait, the wings were tasty but not up the standard of the chicken tikka, the chops were cooked well, very little fat and the quality of the meat was very good, these impressed, well marinated and flavoured, the mix grill was very good, the quality of the meat was impressive.

Once the curries and the naan bread arrive we had finished the grill and, it is not so funny when the tables have turned lol. The curries were well cooked with plenty of sauce, the Chicken Tikka Masala was creamy, full of chunks of meat that were full of flavour this is good, very good. We were informed that the keema was worth trying so our next curry was the keema, and it was good, not as good as the tikka masala, but impressive, not swimming in fat, and not to dry, worth trying.

The food when we got it, was worth us coming back. The mix up with the curries and the way in which we were then left having to prove to that we had ordered our curries, well, this left a bitter note. If the whole ordering system can be looked at and improved this place will really make a mark. The meat is of a high order, the venue is clean and welcoming, the grill and  curries impressed. We will be back, but will ensure that our spies let us know if the ordering has got better.


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