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Glassy Junction is not hard to find, it is 20 minutes away from M6 junction 10 via the Black Country route exiting at Willenhall. Molineux, home to Premier League new boys Wolverhampton Wanderers is a mere 10-15 minutes drive away taking into account the number of traffic lights, and if you are in Wolverhampton to sample the wonders at  Bentley Bridge then Glassy Junction is a mere 5/8 minutes drive away.

Appearance & Entry:
Parking is not an issue plenty of space opposite and around the side of the building, so no more than a minute away.

From the outside you can tell this place has had a recent revamp, the pub that used to stand here,was boarded up, so it is great to see another pub saved. Glassy Junction looks fresh and clean from the outside, and very welcoming, so let’s check it out.

This place is not the biggest by any stretch of the imagination, so when busy expect this place to very tight, today I’d say it is moderately busy, the colour scheme is in keeping with the outside and the seating is quite tight. The room has a dividing wall with arches; this then opens the room up at one end. Very different to other places we have been to. The pub has a very new feel to it, and is kept very clean.

We have a kitchen with a hatch, always good to see how food is being prepared.

The Glassy Junction feels like a pub that has a regular cliental that it relies upon, and some of those people love standing and sitting around the bar, pet hate, as it makes it awkward to get served.  Nevertheless we get served, and we ask how to order our food, the staffs are helpful and courteous. The draught is a good drink, new lines in the pub I’m presuming, as it’s got a crisp taste, liking that.

Plenty of spirits on offer, we got the standard flavored vodkas and a good grouping of whiskeys, it is a desi pub after all.

Food and Ordering
We order our food, we are informed it will be 30 minutes, we take the opportunity to look through the hatch at the kitchen, it seems clean and quite busy, happy with 30 mins as a large group is in and they just did order before us. Our food arrives after 35 minutes, we didn’t notice as some of the other people in the pub had us more than entertained. This place has a few characters in.

Mixed Grill
We opted for the Special Large mixed grill, and the portion size is impressive, the onion are covered by the food on top, so these should taste full of flavour when we get to them.

Ah, one of us is happy, the size of the chicken tikka chunks are perfect, not to large, perfect to grab and eat, these are cooked well and they seasoned well, a nice kick of spice, this is a good start.

The Chicken Wings, we have a few of these and unfortunately the amount of meat on them is not the best,  the meat we do have disappoints a lack of a kick of spice and just is bland.

The Shish, this is cooked well, we like this, and once again we have plenty of it, a great kick of spice really well prepared and cooked, we are back on track it seems.

The Fish Pakora, these are not greasy which is always a good sign, a good crunch as we dive in, these are good, just missing a bit of spice, but these are as solid as a fish pakora we have had.

The lamb chops, now we love our chops, and we need these to hit the mark, and they do, the flavours are rich, and the spice is good, the meat is cooked just right, we could have done with less fat, but what meat we got, was mightily impressive.

Chicken Tikka Masala: Impressed, the curry is cooked well, it is creamy the size of tikka meat is also again a winner as we can grab it in our naan bread rather than having to try and dice it up with a spoon lol. Great dish.

Lamb Curry: The lamb dishes on the grill were good, so expectations are high, but damn this is spicy, I think the lack of spice on the grill is made up for here, hot, hot hot. Spice aside the sauce is impressive and the meat is cooked extremely well, not sure if it always this spicy but you may wish to ask them to calm it down a touch lol.

Wolves are in the Premiership and Desi Pubs in Wolverhampton will be looking at enticing some away fans to sample some of the food on offer, stick Glassy Junction on the list if you are coming, parking is good, and if the sun is out a decent sized beer garden is also available.

The pub is clean, as is its beer, hygiene is not an issue, the staff who served us were pleasant so plenty of things going for the Glassy Junction.

The grill had some highlights the Tikka was good, the fish was solid, the wings were very disappointing, but then the shish and chops kinda made up for it, the spice in the grill does need to be looked at guys, for that extra wow factor.

The curries and the tikka masala were very good, and really was something we would recommend, it ticked a lot of boxes and more. The lamb, spicy, really spicy, but we did like the dish the sauce was extremely rich, and impressed, just calm it on the spice.

The Glassy Junction is well worth a visit, the food is good, and the atmosphere is a friendly one, it does have a good core of regulars, but they entertain more than the TV at times. If you are going to Wolverhampton with the lads, then give this place a whirl.

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