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The Indian Queen, is 20 minutes from the M1, it is 15 minutes away from both the The King Power Stadium and Leicester Tigers ground.  The National Space Centre is a 10 minute drive away, and the pleasures of Melton Rd, are right on the door step.

Appearance & Entry:

From the outside nothing really stands out, it looks nothing special, so on walking in we have no expectations, it looks like a private social club from the outside, and a few guys standing outside smoking never really make a venue look appealing.

Walking In & Bar:

The Indian Queen  is not the biggest place and is pretty busy when we walk in, the bar area is busy with regulars holding stations, so getting served is not the simplest, we eventually do, and we order our drinks, the drinks are pretty much in sync with the other places we have been in Leicester.

A good range of drinks are on display and the variety on offer is decent, plenty of shots, if this becomes a long wait, the atmosphere seems very lively and spirits are high in this very male dominated environment.

It Begins:

The mixed grill has a saucy option, being a very male dominated place, we thought this meant we would be served by French maids, but alas, it just means if you can have it in BBQ sauce, strange, we decline the offer and order our Sizzler, we replace the fish with chicken, personal preference that they are happy to do.


The sizzler arrives in 30 minutes, this is impressive, this seems fair the place is busy, and getting a table was an issue, it arrives and the soggy onions are not a good start.

Chicken Tikka: Large pieces, and plentiful, these are good, glad we said no to the BBQ sauce, cooked well, not burnt and the flavours are good.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  Great Kebab, not large, but what we have is well cooked and very well made; the spice is perfect, a nice kick as you bite in.

Wings:  Marinated well, and lots of flavour, not as spicy as we wish but good.

Lamb Chops: Tandoori chops, when everything becomes Tandoori it can become excessive, and this takes away from the chops, cooked well, and the meat used seems to be very good.

Now to check out the Curries:

Chicken Curry:  The dish is piping hot, and the meat chunks are visible and plentiful, the dish is ok, but nothing more than ok, it’s cooked well, the spice is good, just lacks a spark, decent overall.

Lamb Curry: Garlic is king, very much so in this dish, very much like the dish above its good but lacking spark, the spice is good, again it’s cooked well and overall is decent.



First things first, this is a popular pub and is very male dominated, sport is on the screens and as non regulars we were made to feel welcome, it’s not somewhere you would take a lady on a date, so for Valentines lads take the wife not the mistress lol!

It’s a small venue that is very busy, getting seats to eat can be an issue, the drinks were good, and the prices are very much in keeping with the local area.

Hygiene wise, tables were kept clean and the cutlery was clean, a bit more attention to detail in the gents would not go a miss, but that’s a minor.

The grill was good, and the best we have had in Leicester so far, the portion size very much in keeping with other Leicester venues.

The curries were nothing to write home about, but were not disappointing, it offers something very different to the other places in Leicester a throwback, it’s a man’s joint.


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