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Jacks Cafe and Bar is situated on Fredrick street, just off the main ring road in the city. It Is approx 20 minutes away from  M6 junction 10, via the black country route, and approx the same distance from M6 junction 11 via Featherstone. It is a 20 minute walk from Jacks to the home of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

Jacks bar is not no fancy gastro pub, it is a cafe by day and a bar by night, but, do not let that put you off. Jacks is a smart, clean is very well maintained. Jacks is very impressive soon as you walk in. Love the feel to the place. Nice booths, lots of TV’s a lovely bar, and once inside you feel you are in a different world to the one outside. The atmosphere inside is quite chilled, it is not overly busy on the nights we attended but its a mixed crowd with plenty of couples and groups.

Drinks & Food ordering:
The bar has a great selection of bottled beers, spirits, and plenty of gin, glad we are stopping local so let the drinks begin. The draught lager is bang on point, crisp, fresh and really impressive. Price wise, standard for the Wolverhampton area. We order our food and the lady behind the counter (fair play to her) talks us through different options and is extremely helpful. We are informed our food will be 30 mins. We got it in 25 mins.

Mixed Grill:
We went for the large mixed grill, and boy was it large, only 3 of us today, but this will easily satisfy us, damn we ordered curries too.

The chicken wings are great, and lots of them, cooked well and the meat just tares of, a nice spice kick, these are a great start to the grill.

The chicken tikka/pieces are as satisfying as the wings we just had, the flavour really comes through and again plenty of these.

The fish pakora, bloody hell, we are swamped with these, I literally mean swamped, these are good without being stand out, some have a real crunchy batter and some not, good, but not amazing.

*The Lamb chops, we can not pick fault with these are good, the meat falls of as soon as you cut it, and these go down a treat, maybe just lacking that kick of spice to make them really stand out, but still impressive.

The sheek kebabs, these again go down well, they are spiced right, a great quality of meat used, and these really do hit the mark.

*Lamb chops are not on the grill, we ordered these separately.

The chicken tikka masala, this looked amazing, the colour and the cream swirls on top, could not wait to dive in. The dish just felt to creamy, the chicken was cooked well, but the dish was just a touch to creamy for us, still impressed though.

Lamb Keema, now this really was worth trying, it was not oily, it was not to dry, this had us buzzing, slightly too much coriander but that was a minor as it went down a treat, well done guys.

Jacks bar and cafe has a great reputation, we on many occasions have had Sunday parotas on the way to football or even on the way back from a very very late night. The place always delivers good quality food.

Jacks is clean, busy and very well ran, on weekdays it is not overly busy and if you are planning a journey for us midweek evenings are the best time to go, you still get great food and the atmosphere is nice and lively.

The grill, the portion size, well it’s challenging the Red Cow for that, really impressive, and they do Man v Food challenge too, if you do pop in, check that bad boy out. We digress, the grill was impressive, the fish pakora of which we had lots were possibly the weakest link, but other than that, it really stood up to the test.

The curries, the lamb keema really impressed us, and this would be our recommendation from the whole night, a really impressive way to end the whole experience.

Jacks, if you have not been, go, the place delivers again and again, fantastic effort guys!

Check out the league table to see how Jacks Bar & Cafe did in the both the Wolverhampton & National Leagues


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