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The Khushi Grill is located just 10 minutes drive away from the m6 junction 4, and a mere 5 minutes drive away from the Ricoh Arena (max 20 min walk). Parking, make sure you remember your car registration and that you inform the staff when you arrive; otherwise, you may find your car being towed away!!!

Appearance & Entry:
This place is nothing flash from the outside; the standout feature is the sign which welcomes us to the Khushi grill.
Soon as you walk in this place feels and looks new, the atmosphere is loud, yet pleasant, it does seem a friendly place, and the crowd is kinda mixed, more guys though, but we do have football match on the screens, so that may be the reason for more of a lads atmosphere.
TV’s dotted around, large tables and large chairs, seem to be the order of the day for most desi restaurants, and Khushi Grill is no different, though it does feel very different to The Crow that we visited in Coventry a few months ago.

Wow, the selection of shorts is impressive, very impressive, I love the feel of the mirrored bar which makes it look like we have almost every single spirit bottle in the world on offer here. The best thing is, they have Hibiki, note to all other desi pubs get stocked up on your Japanese Whiskeys they are amazing.
The draught on offer seems fresh, and we see others drinking the Guinness extra cold, so we decide to give it a try, not as good as the larger on offer, but hey ho, we are all on the whiskey it seems.
Note: Please get more staff on, we had to wait a fair bit to get served, and the poor guy behind the bar looked flat out!

Food and Ordering
Another open plan kitchen, which we love, it is always good to see what is being cooked, and we like to observe as the food is being prepared, the kitchen though busy, seems to be clean and very well maintained, any minute anyone gets in the kitchen we see them wiping down things, impressive.

Looking at the menu the squad notice an option for separate sea food grill, and that our grill does not have any one, this is a result as we prefer just meat lol. A Veggie grill is also an option, so it seems like all bases are covered.

We order our food and we are informed that we will have our food in 30 mins, fair enough the place is quite busy, and luckily we managed to nab a table early.

When ordering our food we ordered our grill and curries, we asked for our curries to be bought out to us after the grill, we were told in no uncertain terms, that it comes out all together, unless we wish to order again once we get our sizzler. Customer service skills could be better, we ask for our food to be bought out together rather than wait.

Almost 45 minutes after we order our buzzer goes off, and we go to collect our food. No communication or eye contact as we get our food and it is just pointed out that this is our food. Again not impressed with how the kitchen staff have addressed us.

Putting aside the negativity, we sit down to eat our grill, you know what it is quite large, the amount of meat on offer is generous, and the onions look fresh and you can taste them sizzling.

The chicken tikka, of which there is a lot, is impressive the meat is cooked very well, the flavours impress.

The wings, lots of these too, the amount of meat on them is not the best, but they do taste good and are cooked well, they have a good sticky feel to them, these and the tikka have impressed us.
We have a chicken shish kebab too, this is different, it works though, well spiced and again very well flavoured.

The lamb shish, is not as impressive as the chicken one, very bland, it seems to have a good spice kick to it, but other than that, nothing much else.
The lamb chops, these over cooked and become hard to get into, sawing away here, a real taste of burnt meat here, the grill had started so well, but the two lamb items have not hit the spot.
This place is very busy now, people are standing and the bar is busy, bare that in mind when you visit get here early as this place gets busy as the evening gets on.

The Chicken Tikka Masala: Very much like the chicken we were served earlier this is impressive, the chunks are large, the ratio of sauce is impressive and the flavours are extremely impressive, this chicken dish has impressed again.

Keema: This was ok, it is hard to get keema right, making sure it is juicy and yet not greasy is hard, but this is a very good effort, we enjoyed this.

Lamb Curry: We really need this to be a winner, for the sake of lamb, it is a good dish but, nothing really stands out, the sauce is plentiful but lacks real flavour, it is not a bad dish, but just no magic or spark.

The Khushi Grill has a lot going for it, it is well maintained and the atmosphere is good, we were made to feel welcome when we arrived, and it is clean, so it was a great start.
The guy who served us at the hatch was not the most cheerful, his attitude was not the best and he was very direct when he spoke to us first time around, we were not the only ones to comment on this during the evening as another couple were addressed rudely whilst we were observing.

The wait times, 40+ mins is a long time, and we get they are busy, and this is when a bit of honesty should be key, if we had been told it is going to be that long we would not have left, but drank at a more appropriate speed.
The sizzler and curries had some real high points, the chicken on the grill and in the curry was impressive and we could not fault the way in which it tasted or the actual amount we were served, big tick from us there.

The lamb just seemed to have a lot of spice and nothing else that is from the shish kebab to the curry, not a major let down, but failed to spark anything in us. The keema was the best lamb dish we had, spiced well, not greasy and plentiful, and would recommend you give this a try.

The Khushi Grill, it seems to be a good place to go watch sport and enjoy food, the drinks selection is impressive and varied and the whiskey was the star of the night. Honesty, good customer service skills tied in with more bar staff could see this place become a real winner. Well worth a try, just bare in mind the waiting times.


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