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Masala and Coal @ The Three Tuns in Slough, this not the hardest place to find, everyone knows where Slough is, right? Ok, so if you have been dragged down to Lego Land by the kids, then this place may offer you some sanctuary, it is a mere 10 minutes drive away.

Appearance & Entry:
We are not going to lie, we are a bit envious of the name as we love the title, Masala and Coal, clever, but on hearing it, our minds did start to wander. We did start to think that this might be one of those pubs trying to become a restaurant, and not being a Pub that serves good food. Our minds need not have wandered, as this (even though it has had a refurb) is still a solid Desi Pub.

From the outside the place is impressive, we have been in and around Slough on numerous occasions and we recall driving past this pub and seeing this building looking tired, but it has had a lick of paint and looks miles better.

On walking in, we see the difference straight away, new seating and it feels more spacious, and yet retains the features of the Three Tuns we used to know One thing that has not changed is how busy the place is, nice crowd building up, the Three Tuns is very much a lads pub, from what we recall from previous visits and that has not changed, though we do see a couple of couples in for food.

We make our way over to the bar, and one thing we are not fans of is people standing/sitting at the bar, it makes it awkward for people to get served when busy, but hey hoe that is just a pet hate. The draught on offer is good, and the cider is nice and refreshing, well the sun is out. Flavoured vodka’s seem to be popular here, cannot beat macho man drinking red berry vodka! Good selection of drinks, if not slightly pricey compared to other pubs in the area.

Food and Ordering:
We order our drinks and food and take a seat, the place is starting to get busy, seats are at a premium, and the atmosphere is getting louder, though not in bad way, just a bit livelier.

We are informed our food will be 30 to 45 minutes as the kitchen is busy, and we had not booked in, tables did have reserve signs on them so we get the wait. So people if you are coming in a group of 4 or more, it might be an idea to book, especially if you want to eat and go.

Ok 45 minutes later, and a visit to the bar later we are informed our food will be 10 more minutes, we get we did not book, but 1 hour to get food, I’d rather have just been told they could not accommodate any more food orders as they were fully booked. And allow the sauces on the table; we do not like to be teased lol.

Mixed Grill:
We have waited long enough, so this better be worth it, the Mixed grill is not on a sizzler, which we were aware of, man I’m missing my fried onions.

I love hariyali tikka, and I do not think anywhere does it as good as the Hen and Chickens in Birmingham, so I’m intrigued by these, they are cooked well, the meat falls off and the chicken is not too chewy, just lacks a bit spice but a good start, great hint of mint.

The chicken tikka is almost the same as the tikka before, cooked well and a good sprinkling of flavour, but we are missing that spice kick.

The shish kebab, this is quite impressive, the meat breaks easy, spiced well, and has a lovely fresh feel to it, enjoyed this.

The Boti Kebab, this is not bad, not amazing, but not bad. The lack of spice is evident, the flavours are all in attendance and my taste buds are excited but the chilli did not come to the party.

The lamb chops, these are slightly overdone, but other than that they are prepared and cooked well, these do not last long, more chops please sir.

Chicken Platter:
We have heard everyone go on about this so it was only right that we order it, especially as the wings were not on the grill.

3 different types of wings:
The spicy Buffalo wings were exactly that spicy, at last the spice kick is real, good quantities of meat, sticky, and tasty, next it is the special wings, these are good, spicy full of flavour and meaty, impressed. The last special wings are the Whisky BBQ wings, these are just as good as the two wings previous, really feeling these, they have that tang which you associate with spirits and meat when combined and again the spice is bang on.

Chicken Tikka Masala: The sauce looks rich, feels rich and a decent amount of meat. This is a bit to creamy for us, but overall it is prepared very well, the chicken is just right and the sauce is not weak, not bad.

Lamb Curry: You see this is spiced better than the individual lamb we got on the grill, and adds to the overall flavour, good sauce and appealing flavours

Masala and Coal at the Three Tuns, is worth a visit, but ensure you either book or leave yourself a good amount of time to get your meal and eat it, we have been in here a good 2 hours now. The lady who took our orders seemed polite and helpful, but we would rather she had informed us of the actual wait, as it was too long, and having to keep asking the bar staff is not something that should happen, why did no one just tell us how long it was going to be.

The Three Tuns looks new, we like how it feels and the atmosphere it generates especially when a big game is on, very much a lads vibe, nothing wrong with that at all.

The food, the grill had a couple of highlights, but overall just lacked spice, we are aware some grills now charge extra for a grill with “Sauce and flavouring” but that should not mean the normal grill is left to go without.

The highlight for us was the Wings platter, every type of wing on this was extremely impressive, and this is something everyone should try. The curries, the Lamb dish was bang on, enjoyed it; the tikka masala was bit to creamy for us, but still a solid dish.

In conclusion, if you are coming to Masala and Coal at the Three Tuns, book, to reduce waiting times, if you are not booking ask for honesty about waiting times, and lastly, try that wing platter, that baby bangs!!! We will be back guys, and next time we may book!

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