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Parkfield Central Wolverhampton (WV4 6HQ):

Parkfield Central Bar is in the Parkfield area of Wolverhampton. Bet you never would have guessed that. Martin St is not easy to find. Finding Parkfield Central can be tricky. The bar is a 15-minute drive from Bentley Bridge shopping area, Molineux is 11 minutes away, Monmore dog track is 5 mins drive and Dunstable Park horse racing track is 10 minutes away. Parking is available at the rear.

Appearance & Entry:

We mentioned before that the outside does not scream out ‘come and join us’. This has not changed, though we are aware of plans to change this. Do not judge this venue on the outside and walk past!

Walking In & Bar:

ThIs is not our teams first time visiting Parkfield Central. As mentioned before this place is unique. The atmosphere is friendly. The crowd is mixed and at no point are we made to feel uneasy. The venue has a special vibe to it. This is reflected by the staff and customers. We are made to feel welcome straight away.

The main bar is a long room with everyone focussed on the screen at the bottom of the room, this works well. This place has become popular with several away team fans who want a good drink and food. We can see why well managed and a great set-up.

Drinks & Ordering:

You may have seen videos on Instagram and Facebook of the owner Chammi sharing cocktails with customers. Well, if you are going to do that, you need to make sure your drinks stack up! Thankfully they do, a great selection of spirits and shots. The larger is crisp and fresh, those lines do look like they are well kept.  We order our food and we are informed it will be approx. 30 mins


The sizzler arrives in 24 minutes, this is impressive. The sizzle on the onions excites us and unlike our previous visit these look and feel so much fresher! Get in lad!

Chicken Tikka: On our previous visit we said these lacked that bit of spice, well that has been rectified. We di not ask for anything extra, we just wanted it as everyone else gets it. Yes, yes, yes. A great start to the grill.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  Good size, good quantity and the quality of meat used is impressive.

Wings:  Cooked well, the flavours are certainly there. Sticky and messy, just as we like them. Just a missing that kick of spice, but hey, these are good.

Lamb Chops: Wolves know how to do chops; these hit the spot, cooked well & not burnt. Good amount of meat. Happy group of food eaters here.

Now to check out the Curries:

Chicken Tikka Masala: The grill ha sus buzzing, we extremely well impressed so the curries have a lot to live up to. The Chicken curry, this just failed to ignite the spark like the grill. It was a good solid dish but just lacked that something. Good effort.

Lamb Curry: Once again, the quality of the lamb used has to be commented on, very impressive. The meat breaks easy, not surrounded by fat. The very much like the Chicken dish is a good effort, but just lacks that spark to make it special. Maybe we were still on a high after the grill?

Parkfield Central Wolverhampton Conclusion:

This is our team’s 4/5th visit here in the last 12 months or so and each time we walk away with a smile on our faces. The atmosphere is superb, the smiles are everywhere and the owner is off his rocker, in a nice way!

Walking past Parkfield Central may not appeal to you, but we ask you to look past that and give this place a go. We call it Wolverhampton’s best kept Grill secret. The locals love it, the footie fans have taken to it, so the ‘secret’ element is slowly wearing away.

Drinks and food prices are impressive. In addition to the normal drinks, the added bonus of creative shots is a winner. Parkfield Central is clean, the tables are shiny and hygiene is not an issue.

The grill, well, let’s say it is up there as Wolves finest. The quality of meat, the flavours used, the way it is marinated, make the grill damn impressive. The curries, they were good and better than most restaurant curries that is a fact. They may have lacked that spark to make them magic, but they were certainly good. Parkfield is all about the grill though for us!

If you are planning a night in and around Wolverhampton, this place should be on the list, it is busy and has a great atmosphere. We have taken to the place as have others, a huge round of applause to the staff and owner.

The added addition of vegan/veggie dishes is something others should really look into, and maybe we should send the Sabji Hunter here to check it out.

Want to see how Parkfield Central has performed in the Wolves league and in the Premier League of Grills? Just click this link!

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  1. I’m not going too argue with the food served at other pubs I have been all around the Black Country I with-family and kids have tried mixed grills and also curries all over the midlands try the village inn in wednesfield there may be a wait but you will enjoy the mince lamb and lamb curry’s being they am lamb not mutton toilets am very clean may be the best u have seen but they do not class them selves as a Desi pub.

  2. Gurinder singh on

    If u like Indian food I would recommend you try this place mixed grills and curries am fantastic they also do Chicken tikka breast not only thigh and the the chicken noodles am also nice the chicken wraps am extremely filling and can be shared between 2 depending on your appetite.

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