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Location: The Prince of Punjab is located on Cavendish Rd, approx 15 minutes away fro the M1, and 5 minutes away from Leicestershire Cricket club. The King Power stadium is a mere 5 minutes away also, so if it is an away day grill you are after, this may just be it.

Appearance: The Prince of Punjab will not jump out at you, if you are walking up Cavendish Rd, you may even just walk straight past it. If you have ever watched Four in a Bed (The Channel 4 program, not the adult movie) then the entrance and building feels like a B and B.

Once inside though, you are confronted by the bar area, the room is quite small, but cosy, which makes it look busy, the seats are mostly taken but we manage to get a table. The atmosphere though loud, seems pleasant and happy.

Drinks and Food: The bar, the draught lager, well this is a good pint, really impressed with this, nice fresh and a crisp feel, the pint keeps its head all the way down, nice. A good selection of spirits, not the largest, but everything you need is here and price wise the Prince of Punjab is value for money at the moment.

We order our food and we are informed it will be 30 minutes, the bar staff talk us through various things on the menu, and are really friendly. Great touch. Our food arrives just within the 30 minute mark, we are impressed.

Sizzler: Remember we are in Leicester, so the portion sizes are not the best, and this really is in keeping with most other venues we have been to in Leicester, good job we ordered curries lol.

The chicken tikka, a real fresh feel to the meat, spiced well and some good flavours a solid start.

Next up is the Jhera wings, these are like the tikka above, spiced and flavoured really well, they are cooked extremely well, the meat falls off as you pull the wings apart, really impressive.

The kebab cooked well just lacking in spice, which is a bit of a downer, felt a bit bland.

Tandoori chicken, we have to be honest and say that all the chicken elements of the grill have really impressed, and the tandoori chicken is no different, brilliant effort.

The lamb chops, these just lacked a bit of flavour, and were a bit fatty, a sorry way to end what was a good solid grill.


The Chicken curry, this was one of those dishes that was just good, nothing bad about it, it just hit the right spot, but lacked that bit of magic to make it a real standout dish, good effort, needs magic.

Now, the lamb curry,this was like the chicken curry, everything is here and it was a good dish, just nothing to make it really standout.

Conclusion: The Prince of Punjab is a hidden gem, people in Leicester are not even sure where it is, never mind outsiders, but they need to. The place was damn impressive, the customer service was good, the owner, took time out to ensure we were OK and chatted to us, but was not overbearing.

Hygiene was good, speed of service was also impressive. The room, well its not the biggest, and when busy you may find yourself standing and waiting for tables, so bare that in mind.

The sizzler, the chicken elements of the grill did impress us, all cooked, spiced and flavoured really well, but the kebab and chops did let it down, which was a shame as we really enjoyed the chicken elements.

The curries, these were both good dishes, and we have had a lot worse, just a bit more of a signature taste to them and they could be onto something special here.

The Price of Punjab does a lot of things right, and is well worth a visit, we had a good time here and the prices are impressive also, a hidden nugget that needs to be visited by more people.

Check out how The Prince of Punjab has done in both the Leicester league and National Grill league here


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