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Location: Summer House Bar & Grill is situated in the Hall Green area of Birmingham, 20 mins away from St Andrews, 25mins from Villa Park, if you are at Birmingham Airport or NEC you’re about 20 mins away from the Summer House Bar and Grill.

Appearance: The Summer House Bar and Grill has only been open a few weeks, and you have to admire how the venue looks, a very high end finish and all done with a touch of class, not just a paint job dressed up as a refurbishment, this is very classy and damn impressive.

You have car parking outside the venue, and on the street, so your car does feel safe.

Bar: The range of drinks on offer is fantastic, from a quality pint of Guinness through to some very stylish cocktails, the Summer House is impressing, I am very pleased. The Guinness and lager is very clean and crisp. Prices are on the higher end of mixed grills we have been too, but in keeping with other venues in this part of Birmingham.

Food Ordering: A lovely open kitchen, that allows you to see the hygiene levels of the preparation area and also an insight into how the food is prepared. We order our food and we are informed it will be approx 30 mins which seems fair enough, we are not the only ones in who are eating.

The food arrived after 40 mins.

Sizzler: We ordered The Summer House Special Mixed Grill, which is the largest that they do, there is 4 of us, and this will just about be enough, if you are not ordering curries and are in a group of four you may need sides.

Hari-Yali Chicken – Cooked well, marinated well, the flavours are impressive, no spice to talk about, every boxed was almost ticked, all this needs is a kick, just to drive home the flavours.

Malai Chicken – Again we can not knock the way in which this is prepared, it just falls down on the spice side.

Chicken Tikka – Cooked well, and this does have more of a kick to it, the flavours work well on this, and this does impress more than the previous two chicken elements on the grill.

Chicken Wings – A good amount of meat on these, and the meat falls off, really impressed with these, the spice is good, the meat is good and everything works well.

Sheekh Kebab – Juicy, large and cooked well, the kebab was nice lol.

Lamp Chops – The lamb chops are slightly over done, but that is not a major issue for us, very little fat on these and the flavours do come through well, and the spice, well just lacking for us.

Prawns – These are a good size, full of flavour and plentiful, an impressive way to end the grill.

Curries: We shared two curry dishes Keema & Butter Chicken.
The Keema is damn impressive, juicy, yet not greasy, and the quality of the meat used is impressive, the flavours really come through with a great spice and garlic kick, this is by far the the stand out item of the night.
Butter Chicken, plentiful, lots of chicken and large chunks, the sauce is nice, all in all the dish is ‘nice’ it just feels slightly sweet, and again like the chicken elements of the grill, a lack of a spice kick.

Conclusion: This review has took place pretty soon after opening, we will be back to check the Summer House Bar and Grill out in a few months once the venue has settled into a routine, a lot of the new venues we do attend can never just judged on a first visit.

The staff were pleasant and helpful, the customer service was impressive, so we were made to feel welcome. The Summer House Bar and Grill has a great selection of drinks, so if you fancy something a bit different then your needs are catered for, it is a little pricey compared to other Grill venues we have been to.

The grill, this may be a teething issue, nothing disappointed, the chicken wings stood out as the best item, but most of the other elements just lacked that bit of a spice kick, if they use the chicken tikka as the guide for a spice kick when marinating the meat, then all of a sudden the grill becomes damn impressive.

The Keema was the highlight of the whole trip, and if you are going to the Summer House Bar and Grill, do not miss this dish.

The Summer House is a lovely venue with lots going for it, let’s hope when we return the teething issues we came across have been worked on, as this could be something special.

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