Desi Pubs – The Angel Inn (Wolves) (Inc The Banter Lounge Vlog)


Check out our Desi Pub review below, and also the Vlog from the guys at  The Banter Lounge 


The Angel Inn is in Wolverhampton,  it is a 5 minute drive from Bentley Bridge shopping centre and approx 10 mins drive to the Molinuesx home of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Walsall FC is approx 15 minutes away back down the Black country route. Monmore dog track is 5 minutes away.

Appearance & Entry:

From the outside The Angel Inn looks like a throwback pub, nothing stands out, yet looks homely, the double yellow lines in front are not a great idea, bet the gaffer of the pub loves them.

Walking In & Bar:

As we walk into the dining area, we are surprised as the pub is very different to the outside, and yet holds some of the character of the old building, the booths are modern and gleaming, large screen TV’s are dotted around the food room which makes it bright and gives it a vibrant feel, plenty here for sports fans.

The drinks are plentiful for vodka drinkers with many variations on offer, the selection of draughts meets our needs too, the draught prices and spirits prices are in keeping with other Desi Pubs in and around the area.

It Begins:

We take up a booth and await our food, the smell of food is strong and wafts through the building, it is like being at home when I was a kid, but i digress.

Our food arrives within 20 minutes which is a real positive, we ask for our curries to come out in a few minutes and the this is met with smile and they are happy to do so, our awkwardness is not an issue here.

The sizzler we ordered was a large one, and it was large, imagine the size of the family one.


Chicken Tikka: Great size chunks, and lots of them, they seem to have been marinated well, and a good quality of meat used.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  Cooked well and tasty lacking spice, but other than that these were good.

Wings:  The wings offer something different these are messy and tasty, these we loved the spice, these must have been marinated for a good period of time as the flavour goes deep to the bone.

Lamb Chops: These were ok, the meat was fatty, but what meat we had was well cooked, need to look at the quality of their chops.

The Banter Lounge 

Now to check out the Curries:

Chicken Curry:  No complaints here plenty of meat, the sauce is full of flavour and the curry really does hit the mark, well spiced and cooked.

Lamb Curry: Well cooked, hot and plenty of meat, just lacked the magic the dish above provided.


The Angel Inn, is a good pub that serves food, it’s not a restaurant and the size of the menu is perfect for a pub serving food not the other way around. The quality of the draught drinks can not be faulted, the pint was bang on.

The place is clean, and I was made aware that the menu is new as are the tv’s so it looks like the place is going through a bit of change, and i think it works.

The food, the sizzler was decent, the wings were the highlight and really did impress, we enjoyed these and glad we got a lot of them, the chops were fatty, a real shame as the meat we had was cooked well, just not enough.

The chicken curry dish was a highlight too, we know the place is going through changes, and in our opinion it’s not far off getting things right, attention to detail, and they maybe onto a winner.


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