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The Barrel is situated in the Jewellery quarter of Birmingham, this is not the easiest place to find, and if it were not for recommendations then we would not have known about this place. It is 20mins away from the Hawthorns, Villa Park and St Andrews. Peaky Blinders fans, this is on Summer Lane the birthplace of Peaky Blinder Billy Kimble, bet he would have loved a good desi pub.


The Barrel is a big place, though not the easiest place to find, as it’s hidden by warehouses and units, the pub is like a ray of light when we see it. As we walk in, the bar is smack bang central to you which is great as thirst is an issue, to the left seems to be the general bar area, Sport and Music is on and to the right is the dining area.

The price of the drinks is very similar to all the pubs we have been in and around Handsworth, the pint is a good one and a good selection of spirits (mainly vodka) is on offer.

Talking about the cost of things, this place has mixed grills from £10 and they are a good size, cracking price, we are already won over with the price lol.

It Begins:

We take a seat in the dining area, this place is spotless, it’s not that busy in the dining area, but it seems like attention to detail when it comes to hygiene has not been neglected.

Having never been here, I am questioning why, and how many would actually turn away when they see the surrounding units, some hearts need to be won over, to get people in here.

We order our food and we are informed that it will be 20-30mins we ask for our starters and mains together, we do not plan to stay for long.

The food comes out after 30mins, which is surprising as the dining area is not full of diners by any stretch of the imagination. The food is delivered to us, but they forgot that we had ordered naan breads, and the staff did double-check the order before offering to bring us some out.


It’s sizzling and it looks great, the sheesh kebabs are laid out on top, so the flavour is dripping into the rest of the grill and the onions are not swimming in fat, good start.

All the meat on the sizzler has been subjected to a serious charcoaling, these have been grilled good and proper, which I do not mind in the slightest, but some may.

The Chicken wings and tikka are ok; decent is the word I would use, grilled well, and cooked all the way through, just lacks that something special to make them stand out, decent tasting though.

The sheesh kebab really is impressive, cooked well and the spice is bang on, these are good and build the excitement for the chops, and the lamb chops do not disappoint me and those with me, others may find them to well done, but for me these are impressive.

The overall size of the grill for the price is fantastic.

Now the Curries:

The Chicken curry is again, decent, it’s cooked well and a generous amount of meat is on offer, the sauce is nice and creamy, could have done with more of the sauce.

The Lamb curry is the same as the curry dish above, high in meat content and not in sauce, the dish is decent, but is missing that something to make it special.

The amount of meat in the curries for the price is again, impressive for the prices these guys charge; I’m surprised this place is not busier.


The downside to this place is the location, it’s out of the way and not the easiest to find, but find it, as there are places that are not as comfortable as this.

Parking is not an issue, so stick it in the ol’ Sat nav and find it.

The food for the price is impressive, the customer service is nothing amazing and if we had gone at as busier time, we do hope they have more staff on as the wait was long considering the amount of diners.

The food is decent, and nothing was bad, the sheesh kebab and the lamb chops were impressive, the sizzler as a whole was to my liking as I love the whole charcoal meat taste, some do not appreciate it, so be wary, either way, it’s worth a visit.

Hygiene wise this place has a rating of 5 for a reason, it’s clean.



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