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Location: The Brades Tavern is 5 minute drive away from M5 Junction 2, the Hawthorns is 10 minutes away via the M5, and if you are visiting before or after Cadbury world then you are also a mere 15 minutes away.

Appearance & Entry: From the outside The Brades Tavern is somewhere you could have easily walked/drove passed, and we have done on many occasions. The Brades always felt like a pub for locals, and has never really appealed, so we were quite pleased when we were told it was now a venue that had been refurbished and was now also serving food.
The new look windows are a big plus, makes it look more appealing than previous, as does the addtional lighting around the building.
On walking in, you can tell that this place has had a refurb, the new look wooden floor, and booths really work well, this place is not the biggest but it does seem like they have tried to maximise the space that they have available.

Bar & Drinks: The bar in the food area is not the biggest we have seen, but like the new layout it maximizes what space is available, the draught selection is not the biggest, and we opted for the Coors Light, the selection of spirits though limited does have all the usual suspects.

We order our food at the bar and we are informed it will be 30-35 mins which is surprising as the place is not the busiest. Our food arrives in 35 minutes, not bad timing wise! We cannot say whether this place is couple/family friendly as both occasions we have been, it has been very quite customer wise.

The Sizzler

We went for the large sizzler, if their is four of you going, order a side as this is not the biggest, especially when you compare it to others in and around Oldbury.

The chicken tikka, this was impressive, it actually tasted like tikka’s we have had at weddings from very good caterers so this is a good start.
The chicken Malai, after the high of the tikka the Malai was a let down, it was cooked well, but just very bland, the spices never hit the mark and it was disappointing.
The chicken wings, well these certianly do bring the flavour back, spicy, sticky just as wings should be.
The Fish Pakora, was nothing amazing, it was cooked well, but nothing about it really stoodout, good but not special.
The prawns much like the fish just lacked that special something.
Lamb chops, like the rest of the grill these were cooked well, but the difference being with the chops they were flavoured well, and the level of spice was impressive.


Chicken Tikka Masala: The chicken tikka again was impressive, the sauce to meat ratio was good, and the curry was very impressive, it was not like some places that kill the flavour with creme, this was the best dish of the night for us. Really liked this.

Lamb Curry: The Brades might be onto something here with it’s curries, the lamb dish, though not as impressive as the tikka dish is very tasty. The meat is cooked well, and the flavours in the sauce are very impressive, good dish, impressed with the curries.


The Brades Tavern in Oldbury impressed with it’s new refurbishment, it looks spacious and has a nice chilled out atmosphere, whether it is diffrent on a weekend, well we cant comment, but if you want a chilled out vibe, this place certinaly has had that on both of our visits.

The sizzler, the portion size will need to be larger especially as competition in Oldbury is plentiful. The chicken tikka and the lamb chops impressed most on the sizzler, but overall the sizzler just lacked that spark to really make it special. The curries, they made the trips worth while, they were cooked well, the spice was impressive and they just worked, these were what impressed us most.

The Brades Tavern is worth a visit if you are in Oldbury, and especially if you prefer curries to grills, the chilled out atmosphere is different. If it is, a quite munch you are after, this place might well be the one for you.

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