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The Breakspear is in Ruislip, Uxbridge it is 30 mins away from Heathrow Airport, and 40 minutes away from Wembley stadium. If coming from the north, it’s a mere 10 min drive from the A40. Not hard to find if going into London via that route.

Appearance & Entry:

The place is very very polished, it feels more like a chain pub than a Desi Pub, we have had many requests to check this place out, and from the outside the place looks very welcoming, and parking is not an issue at all.

We walk in, and the chain feel does still linger, yet the pub also has some great individual touches which add more individuality to the Breakspear.

Walking In & Bar:

Space is not at a premium, the place is deceiving, it has more than just the one room, we make our way to the bar, and the selection of drinks on offer is impressive, real ales to lagers to spirits a lot of boxes ticked.

It’s not overly busy at this point, and there is a real mixed crowd in the venue, very cosmopolitan.

It Begins:

We ordered a mix grill and the usual two curries the dishes arrived within 20mins or so, so that was a positive, we asked for our curries to be sent over after our mixed grill, which they were happy to accommodate.

Mixed Grill:

This was not the biggest in size, yet the elements that were needed were there, so let’s hope it’s quality over quantity. The reason we have not separated each item as we usually do for sizzlers is because  all the meats from the chicken to the lamb all tasted very similar in flavour. Nothing stood out as exceptional and yet nothing really disappointed, it was well cooked, it was a good grill overall, lacking in magic.

Now to check out the Curries:

Chicken Curry:  This was very very good and we get the impression it is Curries and not grills that drive this place, this was delivered looking less than fancy, but it really delivered.

Lamb Curry: Like the chicken dish this was really well cooked and spiced, the quality of the meat was exceptional, really impressive.


Is the Breakspear a Desi Pub ? Just having an Desi owner does not quite do it lol. It’s still a cracking little pub mind, it’s got some individuality and still holds strong that polished franchise feel. The atmosphere may be different when sport is on, but it was nice relaxed feel and somewhere you could easily sit all day and watch the world go by.

The place is clean, the hygiene is spot on, the drinks are good, and they even do Sunday Roasts, if the Toby Carvery ever wanted a model for adding Curry dishes this might be the template, as the curries on offer were really impressive.

The grill lacked any magic for us, the magic was in the curries, we can see why this place is recommended as it does have a real cool chilled out vibe, well it would have when we left lol.


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