Desi Pubs, The Broadway Bar & Grill, Walsall #DesiGrills (Re-visited)


Location: The Broadway Bar & Grill is situated a mere 6 minute drive from junction 7 of the M6, heading into Walsall. The nearest football ground is Walsall FC which is 8-10 minutes away, so if you are flying up and down the M6 this place might be of interest to you!!

Appearance: The Broadway Bar and Grill is a part of the Metro hotel, the bar is situated to the right as you walk in, and everything in the bar area is brand spanking new, the carpets, the seating, everything is new, think this place only opened in May 2018, and damn you can tell.

It will take time for the place to build its own character, and I’m sure if it attracts the old Park Tavern customers, then the place will be become very unique and niche, please do not let that happen.

The venue looks impressive, exactly what you would expect from a new bar.

Drinks & Food Ordering: One of our pet hates is people sitting at the bar, and having chairs to encourage them means we are waiting to get served, once we do, well the draught is good and the selection of spirits and cocktails on offer are impressive, lots of gins and vodka’s to ensure we stay at the hotel not just at the bar, clever.

We order our food and we are informed it will be approx 30 minutes, the bar has a few in who all seem to have food so 30 minutes is more than acceptable.

The food arrives after 30 mins and is pipping hot and sizzling! C’mon

Sizzler: We went for the large mixed grill and the size is in keeping with most desi grills in the Walsall area, but how does it stack up taste wise?!

The chicken tikka, this was dry on our previous visit, but damn it has lifted it’s game, loved these.

Chicken wings, these are better, slightly over done again, but the quality of the meat is impressive and the flavours do stand out, nice and sticky and that is how we like our wings.

Pork steak, this actually is the stand out from the whole mixed grill, great flavours, not rubbery and really impressive with very little fat, these we could order again.

Lamb Chops, these were solid, nothing standout, but cooked well and flavoured ok, very little fat, just lacked that hint of magic to make them as good as the pork chops.

Sheek Kebab, this was good, second best thing on the grill, well flavoured, not overdone and a great spice kick to them. Nice

Prawns, these were ok, seemed fresh and cooked well, flavoured well and not marinated, if you get what we mean.

Curries: You know what, this is where the Broadway bar and grill came into its own, the two curries we ordered both were bang on, they really impressed us. We had a Chicken curry and a lamb curry, and the sauces on the both were very rich and tasted awesome, the meat tasted fresh and the ratio of meat to sauce was spot on, really impressed with this, maybe spicy for some, but for us they were almost perfect.

Conclusion: The Broadway Bar and Grill is new, and you notice that straight away, the hygiene is impressive as it should be in a new place.

This was our second visit, and the staff seemed to be more organised than last time which was great to see, and the speed of service is improving to so getting bettr each day it seems.

The grill, the kebab was impressive, last time we did have a few things overdone, but this time the tikka was really good. The pork steaks were damn impressive and the best part of the grill.

The curries, these were very impressive and they were the standout items from the whole visit, if you want a good curry, then this is worth a try.

The Broadway bar and grill will need time to bed in, and we will be back in a few months time to see if it has ironed out a few issues as the location is impressive and easy to get to from the motorway.

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