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The Broadway Pub is situated on Abbey lane in Leicester, if you are coming to watch the Foxes play you are a mere 10-15 minutes drive away from the King Power Stadium, that is the same approximate distance to town, and if you have been dragged along to the National Space Museum you are a mere 5 minutes away.

Appearance & Entry:
The Broadway pub has parking in front of the pub and to the side; we managed to park in the street alongside, a mere 30 seconds away, so not bad.

The Broadway has recently been refurbished, and re-opened, it has a new and fresh feel to the building, and from the outside the pub looks welcoming and fits in with the local area, big strides made here, as the locals did initially oppose the pub re-opening. Surely they must be impressed how it looks and feels from the outside now.

Once we venture inside it is not overly busy, we have a walk to the bar, the bar area is kind of split into 2 areas, a nice new looking dining area with booths and the other half of the room which faces the bar, representing more of the pub this place used to be.

I like the feel of the bar, screens,  a plenty, and a nice solid authentic feel to the whole bar area, makes us feel kind of warm inside, the squad is happy. The Broadway is not what I would describe as being solely a lads place, it is not packed, but we have a few in and the crowd is mixed.

It is a pub in Leicester so we expect nothing less than a good selection of draughts and spirits,  we have various whiskeys, vodkas and gins with some shots to really get the part started, pity we are driving, the lager is on point and for those in the squad who are drinking bottles, they are nice and cold.

Food and Ordering
Like we said the place was not overly busy at the time, and we are informed how to order the staff are helpful enough, we order our food and grab a booth, we are informed the grill will be out in 20-25mins. The food arrives in just under 25 mins.

Mixed Grill
First thing I will say is that this is a good size mixed grill, a couple of places in Leicester have been quite tight with portion sizes but this, yeah we are good with this. It is sizzling and looking good.

I’m not a fan of prawns on my grill, but I am informed that these taste OK, but nothing more than that, the flavours do not come out and grab you, the prawns do seem fresh though.

The Chicken tikka, we have got some big chunks here, the colour is great, the flavour is impressive, and these are cooked very well indeed, the meat pulls apart easy, I’m not chewing overly aggressively, yes Mr Broadway, these are impressive.

The Shish has a good spice kick to it, and tastes OK, it is a solid kebab, middle of the road, for us, but we eat it all.

The Fish pakora is next, it looks and feels healthy enough, no oil and the batter is crispy, this like the tikka, is pretty damn impressive, well done guys.

The Lamb chop, you know what one of these is overdone, which is disappointing as the other ones were decent, they were flavoured well, felt fresh, the quality of the meat was good, just a pity we didn’t get to eat them all.

The Chicken wings, these were not bad, the whole grill has a solid feel to it, and these fit in with that, not overly special but very solid.

We like a menu that does not add to much hype to each dish, we just need names and this menu does that for us.

Chicken Curry: A good amount of meat, a good portion and the sauce is tastes really impressive. The meat is cooked well, and spiced well, like the grill its good, nothing really to overly impress, but we are happy.

Lamb Curry:  This like the chicken dish, it has lots going for it, but the chef needs to be braver when adding flavours, it is impressive, and once again I will use the word solid, as it does not disappoint yet does not set the taste bud on fire.

The Broadway Pub is a new pub and is finding its feet I guess, and you know what it really does feel like it is ahead of schedule. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is nice and chilled out, and we felt comfortable whilst inside, what else can you ask for, and the draught was bang on.

The hygiene is impressive, tables clean, bar clean and smelling fresh, and dishes collected promptly.

The food, The Grill was the most consistent in Leicester so far, the portion size, two standout items and, nothing really let it down, just that one chop overdone, but the rest were solid.

The curries, The Broadway has some catching up to do here, the dishes were good, but Leicester has some good desi pubs that do curry, and the standard is high, but the grill makes up for the missing bit of a kick.

In Conclusion, we left the Broadway full and having enjoyed our time in a relaxed and chilled out environment, we cannot say what it is like when its full, but we did enjoy our visit, this place is fairly new and has time on its side to build a rep, and you know what, it is on the right path.

Check out how The Broadway has performed in both the Leicester League and the National League here


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